In 30 days I will share with you the knowledge and application of nature's universal laws.

In 30 days I will share with you the knowledge and application of nature’s universal laws.

Nature’s Universal Laws

The Power of Love in every soul!

In the area of love, relationship and human spirituality, no insight is better and more respected than The Universal Laws of Nature. For more than 30 years, I’ve focused solely on helping people, families, communities and organisations reshape their personal lifestyle to embrace a more loving, peaceful and happy way of life using just these laws. The powerful messages of authenticity, appreciation, and love has helped transform and create startling change in thousands of organisations, and millions of individuals worldwide. 

This is a natural Aussie style and tough love approach to real life improvement. Nature’s Laws challenges people’s perception and captures mind as well as heart. It engenders a real love and connection to all that is natural, provides provocative techniques to give knowledge and masterful authority of work, time and again. Nature’s Universal Laws compel you and audiences, to think different, act different and be different. Nothing changes until something changes. Nature’s Universal Laws breaks through the mould, steps out as a real teaching and is often referred to as one of the most dynamic and controversial awareness of all time. 

You may know Chris teachings around Nature’ laws better from his corporate work. Those Universal Laws challenge corporations and business people throughout the world to reconsider the human equation in business, to look more authentically at the whole individual, and for individuals to look more authentically at their work – life balance.

Chris published Innerwealth, putting the heart and soul back into business to share these laws as a part of his mission of bringing deeper and more holistic human awareness to the workplace. 

Your teacher is Chris Walker. His background is not limited to the business world, his attraction as a change agent and teacher comes from the diversity and seeing contradictions of his life. His credentials include a lifetime of turning challenges to success. Starting from an alcoholic and violent home he went on to self fund his own university education and start a successful entrepreneurial career. From the disaster of a marriage breakdown and disastrous journey through a divorce his ex wife and three children to a magnificent loving relationship with his soul mate. From street thug and car thief to a long time friend of spiritual monasteries high in the Nepal Himalayas. From bruised and broken football player to adept yogi. All using the Universal Laws of Nature.

Chris has also made a profound influence through his extensive work using Nature’s Universal Laws with indigenous people in Canada, which is quite ironic given this is where some of the roots of the universal laws were derived.

The book, “Sacred Love, The honeymoon that lasts forever” applies universal laws to home life and will inspire those who are ready to change the way they perceive relationships. For those wanting the honeymoon to last, for those wanting to enjoy the fruits of their work rather than pay the price of their personal life.

Chris Walker’s energy and love for his mission travels still further through mediums such as television, print, radio and newspaper interviews. This 30 day program internet site also offers help to those who are struggling to keep up in their relationships. He offers advice to those who are looking for something different. “The honey-mood” says Chris Walker, “can last forever, if you simply apply nature’s universal laws.

Chris designed this 30 day program for busy people who want rapid and radical change in their outlook on life and work. It’s a leadership coaching program and personal development program in one, aimed to impart the principles of being inspired, living with spirit, good, heart driven, balanced and conscious leadership to people throughout the world in a minimum of time and cost.

Nature’s universal laws also lead to rational and yet passionate environmental and humanitarian awareness. Chris has used these principles and his work to help the people and children of Nepal live the life they deserve while preserving the sanctuary of their great Himalayan paradise. 

Nature’s universal laws help sports stars, athletes, CEO’s, mothers with new babies, youth at risk, entrepreneurs, couples looking to repair a broken home. Changing the world. One heart at a time. 

Are you ready to grow?