How many people agree that you can’t give what you haven’t got? But how many of us try… it’s time to change all that.

All humanity grows at the border of order and chaos. What doesn’t grow attracts catastrophe, disaster and humbling circumstances. Seeking tranquility therefore attracts disaster. Instead, we create an incubator to challenge and support you so you grow without having your partner, bcareer, friend, children, health or finances become the disruptive force of challenge and chaos to grow you. We create incubators to help you grow in just one or two hours per week you stay ahead of the curve, and in a Synthesiser” we call coaching, we threaten your ego’s righteousness and explore the journey ahead – create options and keep you on track

The Growth Incubator solves problems too. We take any unfinished challenge and throw it under the bus, not you, and build out from the learnings. This saves you time, energy, money, love, friendship, health and massive disruption. It’s the voice of experience without the need for trial and error. The incubator is the perfect way to protect your life, relationship and career from the ravages of learning from experience.

  1. Build a home where criticism, the primary cause of domestic disaster, does not exist.
  2. Grow without the embarasment of disaster, catastphe and humbling circumstances as the witness to being egocentric and stuck.
  3. Blow 90% of all anxiety and stress out of the water before it has a chance to steal your family, health, career, friendships and health.
  4. Safely wonder and explore the options you have for the future without dwelling, contemplating, feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Incubate Growth…

“The Growth Incubator and How it Works”

In the Self-leadership program I introduce a series of drills that will radically transform your Self-Leadership technique even if you’re really struggling at work.

Often keeping pace with demand is overwhelming and very exhausting especially when learning to step up to a new business level or with changes to lifestyle such as a new born child or the illness of a relative. These special circumstances need special advice and that’s why this program is delivered one on one with you, personally, individually, uniquely your situation, your needs, your ambitions.

And the big key to my Self-Leadership teaching is this: many coaches or instructors will teach you the separate elements of improvement but fail to put them all together so what fixes one problem, say at work, creates another problem at home. This fragmentation is a total waste of time and effort.

The mastering Self-Leadership lifestyle program gives you the feel of life from a total view, we don’t fragment it because it simply doesn’t work.

Fragmentation creates bumps and hits from all directions, sort of like picking thorny roses with a blind fold on.

I’ll show you how to blend each of the seven areas of life together so you won’t be causing yourself more work by fixing one issue separately.

In 30 days I’ll give you five years of growth. You see, most execs and entrepreneurs are so busy dealing with output and trying to stay sane in their personal life that they persist with the same style for years, they fall behind and become like newborn calf trying to stand up, working their ass off to keep up at home and at work.

But working harder is not the most effective way of achieving good balanced self-leadership.

Improved technique, improves speed, improves smoothness. Moving toward my aim which is to teach you “effortless work and lifestyle.

The Master Self-Leadership Work and Lifestyle Program is an exceptional program that changes management style and lifestyle for even the most stressed and challenged situation to a smooth and relaxed , effortless lifestyle

I’ve proven it with my exclusive clientele. Having put thousands of people through the program I know it works.

The three recurring themes I hear about the program are:

Life becomes easier

Recovery becomes faster

I’m a better person to be around (people like me more)

Improved my resilience. My success rate in business profits has skyrocketed. And I’m spending less energy to get more done which brings me home happier.

The program runs for 4 weeks with four separate modules:

  1. Winning Mindset: How to Keep a Smile on Your Dial no matter what… Winners are grinners…. and make it authentic and real.
  2. Super Wellbeing: A sense of wellness that evolves with you and adapts to change.
  3. Life in Control: In the most powerful sense of clarity, direction, right choices and relationships
  4. Unstoppable Vision: The power of putting 100% heart and soul into whatever it is you choose to do.. Uncompromising engagement

These step by step lessons are the ultimate technique development program for those who need independence, self awareness, increased output without the cost of expensive workshops or generic “one shoe fits all” learning programs.

Self-Leadership lifestyle technique is a combination of many different elements.

  1. You can’t give what you haven’t got… so we learn self-leadership first
  2. We don’t appreciate what we’ve got till it’s gone .. so we learn to appreciate this moment in time and what we are gifted to use in it.
  3. We sabotage anything we can’t link to our dreams… this really adds another gear to your life.
  4. Self talk changes everything especially collaboration and relationships with others. here’s the starting point to building a better world, one heart at a time. …. just to name a few

From small business owners, to business execs, rock stars, community leaders and entrepreneurs all have seen amazing results using the mastering lifestyle program.

Try it today and I look forward to working with you. Giving you unique guidance to unique situations because you deserve tailor made solutions to you self-leadership needs and provide you with tools to build your inner wealth in order to accelerate your outer wealth and get the best out of life.