Nature’s Universal Laws Bringing You to Total Balance

Nature seeks a balance in all things

Chris Walker

A balanced person is balanced in all seven areas of life… this is the total package. Balanced in all seven areas of life. Some people try to balance work against life: work-life balance, but this is ridiculous, antiquated and guarantees to lead to personal disaster. Coaching leads to the total package in balance.

It’s no what you think, but how you think, that really matters.

Chris Walker

There are seven levels of thought and you do get to choose which level you think at. The lower levels, emotion and stress, reaction and uncertainty are imbalanced thoughts. The higher levels are balanced. So, it is not so much what you think, but how you think that matters.

You grow at the border of support and challenge

Chris Walker

Nature grows in cycles. The cycles are dictated by support and challenge. Seasons, tides, winds, ebb and flow, it is all, support and challenge. Hence, you grow at the border of support and challenge. A good coach will equally support and challenge you and that is why Chris is refered to as “The Balance Guy” – he speaks as nature speaks, support and challenge. You do not grow from a support only coach, instead, you fall in love with a lover from support only, you do not grow from a challenge only coach either, you run from that negativity. Support and challenge is both a leadership model and a coaching paradigm Chris shares with clients.