Come home from work with more energy than you left with… and get more done.

Examination of your ups and downs.

Draw a line from the bottom left of a sheet to the top right. On the bottom left mark birth. Top right mark the work dream you love to achieve.. “CEO fortune 500” or “Olympic Gold” or “Write a best Selling Book” – across the bottom axis mark years from birth to any end date you choose.

Mark the significant up and down events you can recall. Long vertical lines represent big ups or downs.

Events are events until we judge them. The ups are events that are actually on the line but we “feel” good or bad about them and skew them. Now, imagine if you didn’t skew them, how much time you’d save not fixing what isn’t broken.

Historically, your job is to take all the up events and bring them back to the line and then all down events and bring them up to the line… this is called the Walker Discard Method – discarding the time wasting, energy sapping memories that are actually on the line, not above or below as you remember them.

Of course, we are human, we have emotions, but we can’t seek validation of them, instead we seek to rebalance them asap. So we have emotions and we rebalance in an hour rather than 9 years as is the case of some people who carry a judgement for a very extended time. The more time we save not reacting to emotions, the more time we spend on the line. So what is that line? The straight line is your destiny, life purpose, mission, vision, calling, and it’s a job.

Your wibble wobbles are your distractions, essential ones, that take you into never never land. Every time you cross the line from up to down or down to up you have a moment in time, a moment of presence, A moment of inspiration, a moment in the now between past and future, actually, in my language it’s a moment of absolute unconditional love… when we die, at the end of that line we recall our lives and the only memories we have are the moments we cross that line.

Maybe 3 minutes if we are lucky. Think about your wedding… walking down the aisle theres nervous anticipation, walking back down the aisle there’s enthusiastic excitement but the moment you look in each other’s eyes and say “I do” is a moment for eternity. Well, you can say “I do” many times a day if you knuckle down and turn up… 110%.

The other countercultural awakening here is that the volume of time spent above the line is always equal to the volume of time spent below. So for all the pleasure hunting, people pleasing, pain avoiding, peace and happiness chasing, we end up growing, as nature intended, at the border of order and chaos, support and challenge. So why not pursue purpose in life and let the balance find itself.