Don’t Mess with Nature

I’ve always wanted to help people be happy. I grew up in a violent home, so it’s sort of understandable that I’d have this mission in life. Certainly it made me quite averse to violence in any form, although, disliking it didn’t insulate me from it.

In my first and only 3 year employment (I’ve owned my own business’ since I was 14) my boss pulled me aside and said “Walker there are two ways to go down a river… one is with the current, it’s an enjoyable ride… the other is banging the boundaries, smashing up against the riverbank.” he was referring to my renegade style of leadership which was, for him and the business, extremely disruptive.

I guess i didn’t listen to him.

I’ve made and lost millions of $. I’ve been through a bunch of heartbreak. I’ve written best selling books and a bunch of books that didn’t crack enough to pay for the editing. I’ve guided people on mountains in Nepal and really made a meal of it a few times. Life has, not been in the middle of the river. And for that, I’ve paid.

But I’ve reflected on this advice so often in my life. My brother for example, is so different to me. He’s thrived in the middle of the river, made the millions $ and not had more than a few heartbreaks. In this way, he and I are different. So, is the advice I was given right for some people and wrong for others?

This is such a great question. Is the advice we are given “right for some, wrong for others?” In my journey through life, the answer is categorically, yes.

In the observation of human nature we know that each of us has a certain constitution. What we eat that’s right for us is not a blanket formula. One meal doesn’t suit all bodies. And one advice doesn’t suit all minds. Our true nature is therefore a fixed diversity. We are unique and we have no idea from an introspective viewpoint, looking in the mirror or self analysing, what that constitution or true nature really is. It’s like tickling yourself… it just doesn’t work.

But there is, at some high level, advice that does sweep across the mountains, down into the valleys and across the seas and is true, spot on, for everyone. That advice is “don’t f..k with nature.”

Free will is the ability to depart from nature’s laws. Free will, or as psychllogy likes to call it, EGO, is the freedom to be stupid, act stupid, do stupid and waste time. We all do it. The question needs to be put to us, as to whether we really want to and need to do it?

Free will gives you the right to make dumb choices… and from dumb choices comes all manor of pain, suffering, anxiety, stress, heartache, financial loss, career disaster. It’s ok, because there’s two sides to everything and we certainly learn from Fk ups but really, do we need to shorten our lives, take years of our enjoyment of life, just do express the idiotic notion that we have free will. Really?

Free will can have us thinking we are right. Free will can have us thinking we know more than others and are therefore better than others. Free will can have us thinking that if we fix a part of ourselves we’ll be more lovable while the very judgement that separates us from lovability stays searching for justification. We’re not free. We’re only free to think we’re free.

Gravity isn’t defy-able – not for the most part at least. (space). Centrifugal forces are real, no free will needed to imagine or change that. Entropy and E=MCª are all pretty well part of everyday life. And yet, with free will we can try, very hard in fact, to defy those laws.

The universal laws of nature are principles that apply to an ant, an elephant and a star in the sky. Pretty cool really. But most fascinating is how they apply to you.

  1. You can’t change anything, just change its form
  2. Nature seeks balance in all things
  3. Nature abhors a vacuum… nothing can be missing
  4. As energy rises in potential so too does the sophistication of the container that stores it.
  5. Everything is obedient to something …
  6. Evolution occurs between order and chaos (smart and dumb)
  7. Everything vibrates according to its own kind… (a thief in a new city will soon find company)
  8. Energy needs to circulate to grow
  9. Nothing of the senses (free will) will ever satisfy the soul
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