The Chris Walker 3 Stages of Personal Development

The development of successful quality of life and outcomes that match ambition is a condition of three fundamental principles:

We build human development on a solid foundation. Life Control, Mind Control and then Leadership. Leadership in any walk of life is associated with story. To tell great story one must have their own life in a successful way.

Life Control

Finding balance and structure in each of the seven areas of life produces a strong sense of confidence in the future. This is a shift from problem solving mode in life and relationship to creating and winning mindset. Moving through this process happy, better and faster gives a strong sense of self-determination and control.

Mind Control

To live a vision and create success one must be able to hold that thought in the mind for an extended period of time. There can be no fluctuations or variations. Mind control is only possible with life in control otherwise there is too much firefighting. Hence we recommend this to be the second stage in personal development. Holding a vision.

Leader Control

The ability to project, connect and control the actions and inspirations of others is a rare and beauitful gift. it belongs to the few who have graduated from life control and through mind control. This is the articulated art of influence, magnetism and leadership essential for healing, leading, teaching and guiding others.