Language. Talk and Self talk.

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Every word we speak and every syllable we hear changes how we feel. The tone of speech as well as the words we choose have an affect upon the body through the power of feeling. For thousands of years, medicine relied on the concepts of vibration found inside and outside the body to determine wellness and cure disease and we know that violence can be verbal as well as physical. Thus, poetry was the medicine of love until music took over. Poetry was lost over time, but there has been an increasingly growing awareness of the romantic power of language.

Not only does language greatly affect our body, but it also deeply affects other people’s minds and feeling. For instance, if we call a person “foolish” time and time again, they will, eventually, become foolish. If we call a simple person wise, in time they will become wise. A child, who grows up hearing judgment and being told they are incapable, comes to believe that as truth. On the other hand, a child who makes mistakes and is encouraged to keep trying, affirmed for small victories, learns to take risks and set high goals. 

A person who speaks about their illness nourishes their illness by speaking about it. It is sad to hear people speak like this, because by talking about their failures, guilty experiences or fears they create a reality that is far from the truth. The feelings we have, are generated by both spoken and unspoken words, perceptions we have that invade our reality. Those words, both our own and those we listen to eventually become the illusions we believe. Subconscious thoughts determine our feelings and eventually takes control of our expectations of ourselves and others play an equally important role in the development of a “stay in love” relationship.

Each word we speak is accompanied by another world. 


The hidden world of language manifests its outcome. A person who is insincere can mask such a message with their choice of words, but the insincerity is revealed on a different level. The energy of the voice will secretly betray any lies or falsehoods. In this way we cannot be lied to. Only we can deny what we feel. We are always given the clear message of a lie but sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth either. So it’s better to treat people as we wish them to become. It is a powerful act of authenticity in a “stay in love” relationship.

In truth, it is not the word itself that is so powerful, but the feeling that the word creates. Some words attract power, some bring release from difficulties, and some give courage and strength. There are simple words and there are secret words that are more powerful still. When a person in need of peace and rest uses words that bring courage and strength, they will become even more restless. Words with negative, angry and bitter tones, if spoken enough, can affect the physiological make up of the body. In contrast, certain songs, poems, and speeches, whether by intent or by circumstance, have become renowned in the healing process for helping people. Grief can be released and soothed with the uttering of specific words. This is an important art in “stay in love” relationships.

So,you can see from this that it is not always what we say, but how we feel it, how we express it, that determines the power that sits behind our expression. Two people might speak the same truth, yet one is believable while the other is not. What is the difference? It is the feeling that is different. Each individuals personal backstory is going to be different, therefore their beliefs are different, and their thinking is different. One has conviction the other might be just repeating knowledge.

The atmosphere of a relationship contains the power of our language because it reveals our thoughts. People admire cool self-possessed language – it’s attractive. Unattractive and disliked or rapid speech driven by over active nervous system.  It’s like being with a storm. Coolness allows us to be most powerful by allowing us to think more rapidly, carrying more feeling, intensity and concentration in thought. The loving person speaks easily. Words are well chosen, spoken carefully, their partner listens, the language is interesting, it shows thought, care in preparation and belief in its intent. 

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