Evolving in the Real World – EVOLVE-YA-BASTARD…

When you say to a child “wow you’ve grown” they look at you as if you have two heads. They grow and you see it but they adapt to their growth. The only way you can prove to them that they’ve grown is by marking their height on the door frame. It’s fun but it’s also profound.

When you grow – evolve, which is why you come to me for coaching, you adapt. You might say “I’m still angry” or “I still don’t feel perfect.” This is because you evolve and adapt, and then in a relative sense you’ve grown, but don’t know it.

Take Dave as an example: He’s at a the Christmas lunch for the family and people are literally giving him the shits. He’s been working with Chris Walker for a year and can’t comprehend that he’s feeling more pissed off at the family Christmas party than ever.

Well, Dave’s not alone. I feel the same.

I’ve been doing this conscious evolving work for 40 years. I still feel the same as I did when I started. But there’s a huge difference. I now influence the lives of millions. But to me, it’s life as usual. I’ve adapted to my new consciousness. So there are a few skills I believe go hand in hand with evolving your consciousness.

  1. You can’t change people…. Sometimes as we get more evolved, others look more helpless, so instead of being ignorant to their plight we step in to cause them to change. They won’t, in fact when you imply anyone needs to be different than who they are, even if they are in excruciating pain, they interpret it as “you don’t like me.” And that can never turn out well.
  2. You are going to see more stupidity. As you look back on the path you’ve trodden and happily don’t tread anymore, you’ll see people stumbling along the same path and think, “fuck, surely it’s plain as day, surely you can see your stupidity.” but the definition of the path we trod is “it’s stupid” relative to where we are. Those looking back on you think the same about you So, the anger you feel is best not felt.
  3. To get past being angry with people, turn in to like. The very definition of evolved is the ability to like people. If they don’t like you, don’t even think one word about it. But if you don’t like others you’re in deep shit. So, learn to like people.
  4. You can’t solve a problem at the level the problem was created so never, never, never, never react to anyone. As soon as you react, you’re part of the problem. Evolve-ya-bastard.

So how do you like people you don’t like?

The spirit of an individual is so revealed in their ignorance. If you are looking to like someone who is radically stupid, like their spirit.

Secondly, there’s two sides to everything. Maybe they are expressing one side and you, because you are conscious, know there’s another side. At least they are expressing one of the two. Shut up about the other side. They are not ready for it.

Finally, there’s a benefit to everything. This is real gratitude. Dumb people think that there’s benefits (thankful) for some stuff but there’s no benefit to other stuff. Wrong. There’s a proactive benefit to even the worst disaster. Your job is to find it, or ask me.

Evolving is a profound connection to the truth of the universe, nature and life. If you are evolving with me, you’re ahead of the curve. Wise thinking is to recognise that you will never ever know it.