Judgement and How it Can Help You…

What you judge you breed, attract or become. Because all things are a reflection of you, the judgements and emotions you have are actually a mirror of your feelings toward yourself. Either in excess or deficiency your perception of others is a reflection of you. Those judgements toward yourself lower your self worth. The gift of emotion is it’s duty to reveal your truth. Where you don’t love yourself you’ll end up living with it, working with it or parenting it. 

Now you may or may not have twigged to this yet but you can’t change people. You actually can’t change yourself. However when you love the trait, it is in your control and then you can choose the form of the shift. Every person has every trait. May as well face up to this. Some express the trait, some repress the trait. Depends on their self belief and the social conditioning of their lives. To change the world, change yourself. The only way to change something permanently is to love it. 

So it is really important that the first step you take is to identify what it is that is causing you emotion. Either infatuation or resentment, pain, loss, attraction or repulsion are all emotions that are not REAL. They are the illusions that run your life and can, if not dealt with cause ever increasing pain and discomfort. Both mentally and physically.