Nature and You…

Stress, mental health, behavioural problems, family disruption, business drama and the list goes on… can all be reduced through a respect for and an addiction to the incredible merrits of getting out of the house and away from the protection of televisions, phones, computers, planes, trains and automobiles, and out into nature.

What is nature? It’s wind, rain, sunlight, starlight, dust, smoke, fire, water, earth… but if we are on our iphone or listening to itunes while we are in nature, or running so hard we can’t smell the roses, we’re not in nature at all, we’re up in our head. In our head, there is no nature, there is just stress, mental health issues and …. (the list goes on).

You want a resolution that’ll change your entire life? Worship nature.

To worship nature you need to get dirty. Yup, those lulu lemon tights that remain pristine and white are a measure of your love for nature. Sitting behind the computer looking at instagram and liking the national geo photos of rescued elephants and saved koala’s isn’t nature. It’s your intellect at play tricking your heart into thinking you’ve really made a difference to the world or your life, but that’s a lie, a self lie, the worst lie of all.

I coach in nature. I take corporate to nature. I’ve even helped people do adventures up to Mt Everest base and back. I know it’s hard to let go, but to hear four men talk about their share prices and investments as they walked the magnificence of the Himalayas was for me, the final straw. You’ve really got to get dirty.

Nature speaks to you. But you need to turn up silenced to hear it. There’s nothing more certain than nature’s guidance. And yet, with noise in our head, worries, ambitions, hopes, stress and expectations there’s no way we can hear it. We must all learn to be silent and be comfortable with it, in order to absorb the gift of nature.