The Keys To a Successful Career, Life Balance and A Honeymood that Lasts Forever.

Reverse engineer the daily routine that all of us dream we had before we faced the worst challenges of our life and you will arrive, as I did, at the Walker Daily Power Hour.

Prevention is always better than cure and this is it. The way to prevent trouble in your business and personal life. Proactive preventative career development, wellbeing and love, all wrapped in a few minutes a day.

How evolved is it….

35 years of coaching executives, healing wounds and helping to stop the hurt led me to one amazing discovery: “it doesn’t have to hurt to learn”

Experience is a powerful tool. Nobody would argue this. But is it the fastest, smartest and least expensive? Simply no.

In creating the “Walker Power Hour” there were three keys I had in mind:

  1. Balance all seven areas of life instead of balancing one against the other
  2. Expand and grow the possibilities in a personal career and life.
  3. Remove stress, hurt, family struggles and mental ill-health as the triggers for personal growth.

To achieve these outcomes I needed to separate what I know as the internal drivers of life (emotions and feelings) from the external drivers of life (health, career success, family, finance)… to make sure both sides of our values were met.

Back on Track feeds both inner and outer growth needs.

To learn more, join me in coaching. The back on track programme is a 30 day process to teach and implement the power hour in your life.