People are Different in Nature … A Solution to Stress

For the busy individual, nature can be one of the greatest secrets to calm, centred and balanced living. One does not need to know why, one does not need to understand it, but, one must be prepared to trust it.

People are different in nature: more generous, more compassionate, more visionary, more thankful. Four qualities that will undoubtedly have a primary influence on our success at home and at work.

What I have experienced in 000’s of clients over the past 35 years is that nature deficit disorder and stress, failure and illness go hand in hand. Even those who surf or swim in nature can miss the entire opportunity if they are so immersed in thought, that they just don’t let her in.

Biophilia is environmental. It is not pristine environments protected, it is the love of nature however that takes shape. In Bondi a surfer called the police recently because of violence on the waves, he was punched by another surfer. It demonstrates that just being in nature is not enough. We need to touch our heart and soul, just in simple language, let nature in.

Biophilia is so beautiful because it’s free. It can’t be owned, sold, manufactured, written about nor measured. That’s why… people don’t understand it well. But the person who is in their head all day will benefit from instruction about “biophilia” and once learnt, they will never forget or lose that awareness.

It has real healing properties.

Suicidal kids in Canada, executive burnout in New York, domestic violence in Singapore, alcoholism in Hongkong, problems world wide that I have used biophilia to fix.

Add more: team building, mental health, sales, self confidence, marriage issues… biophilia can easily and immediately fix them all… how?

We are the environment we create. If a human being changes their mind 1,000 times but returns to the same spouse, same home, same parents, same school, same city, same table, same neighbourhood, same mates, nothing changes. Nothing changes until something changes.

Want to change your company performance? Try biophilia first… how? like this… move people around, shift their view, change the front door, shift their viewpoint, redecorate, change the carpark, add plants, you want people to change, expand and grow, make the space force that change.

Physical environment dictates human behaviour more than any other element. A warzone is going to make people scared. An office that opens at peak hour is going to make people tired. Want change, I can make that change overnight, if you’re prepared to re-invent your spaces.

Clothing is an important part of biophilia. No doubt.

And the final bastion of resistance to change, the last place you need to wrestle with to accomplish change is the environment inside the mind of the individual. Inner biophilia. Why last?

Because environmental change done right will cause inner change, but more importantly the inner part is very very easy. As long as you focus on how people think, rather than what…

Here’s a great newsletter on some of the outcomes of physical biophilic change…