I Go To the Ocean to Nourish my Soul

A morning sunrise means more to me than all the gold I could carry. Just one perfect beautiful sunrise over Bondi Beach, with the warmth of summer and glow of the morning. It reminds me.

Sometimes I look over and see the moon and I know, that all friends, partners, lovers, family and like souls are all under the one roof, connected and I feel them.

The day always starts well when I remember I am but a grain of sand and all grains depend on me, as I depend on them. We are connected, past, present and future. We are one and yet, each accountable for how we manage this small fragment of time we call life.

In the trillions of trillions of years existence has and will be here, we see but a few, and isn’t it important to step up and leave the place better than we found it. Living inspired is just one of the ways.

Refer Podcast and coaching notes for the precise details of the LCM process