To be in the presence of an alert person is a gift. To be in the presence of a dull person is worse than sleeping under a wet blanket. We need to help people who got the dull bug, at the least, to help them see options.

Alert is opportunistic. Alert is spiritually awake. Dull is the opposite. Meditation is meant to make you alert, not dull.

Life, as it get’s longer and we get older can make us dull. But the choice to remain alert is the choice to remain young and thankful. That’s my commitment. Alert is my mantra. Stay awake, be alert, enjoy every moment. No losers here please.

Alcohol dulls the mind, so too does dope. When you meet people who smoke joints they don’t think with alertness, they mull their way along. But drugs and alcohol are not the only causes of the dull mind. Let me share a few:

Fear… The fearful individual will second guess themselves and it’s an awful damp to put near the mind.

Sugar … hype breeds tripe. The person who takes regular sugar hits from bread, sweets, soda drinks and cake is always dull minded after they come down from the rush.

Relationships …the spark that ignites new love is hard to keep alight with the winds of time and change blowing in all directions, it is however, not impossible. But, most relationships converse at the level of 6 year old children. And that’s dull making.

Careers .. There’s no such thing as a bad job, or even a wrong job, there’s just a bad attitude or a dull person. Dullness, even from the most boring job is a self inflicted wound.

Exercise … ok, this is a bit of a political footy, but fat is not great and more fat on top of old fat is less great. Exercise is not the solution to fat, but the whole health thing includes plenty of outdoor air and walks at the minimum. (ps I am anti indoor exercise unless it’s snowing).