Job Knowledge

What understanding do you have of your job, and what are your expectations thereof?

There is a great quote we should begin this conversation with…


Job knowledge certainly includes the ability to do the small things well. The details. If we ignore the small things, the big things collapse. Small things are sweet. Small things, are essential.

To do small things right we need systems. If you rely on memory to do small things, and find the details that has god in them, you’ll most certainly get caught up in the little thinking space of follower. God is certainly in the details but, in the details is not leadership or promotion in business.

Systems are god’s gift to humanity. A system for eating, pooping, walking, waking, smiling, communicating. These systems take the details into automation and that is the essential nature of a leader. If you have to remember it, and you do it more than once, it’s a system waiting to be created.

Systems were once paper lists. Now we have digital calendars, apps, and cheap assistants in third world countries who work for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. You see, what to someone is small details, god, is to someone else, big. And this is the secret to job knowledge: to be able to make what was once a big deal for you, automatic, a system. Why?

If you are bogged down in details you can’t evolve, grow, rise, lead, get promoted, add more value. You’re stuck. Here’s an example:

I wanted to write a series of five books, I’d dreamt it on a vision quest in Nepal, and I found the moment to do it, six months after the world trade centre attack. I found a beautiful home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, bought a kayak, got my speaking career automated and started writing book one, The Universal Laws of Nature Applied to Business. I gave myself 3 months for each book. I was also travelling and doing consulting but that was a system and I had plenty of space to write.

When I started writing I had a clear picture of what I wanted to say, but after 6 weeks and looking over my 300 odd pages of book text, i realised I’d become bogged in the details of writing. I lost my overview, big picture and was sort of mumbling in words. I needed a system that automated book writing. I found an APP’s software Scrivener, and Scaple. A mindmapping process and a script writing software. What this “Detail” and system did was to divide big picture thinking into small bites. I actually dumped the 300 pages and started writing to format. Absolutely saved me a fortune in time and effort. I also hired an E-editor and got great cleanup done of grammar and other typos. In this case, my big picture vision stayed clear and the details with God in them, I systematised.

The secret to systematisation is that it allows you to do what’s expected without the fanfare. Over and over we become proud of the ordinary, instead of inspired by the extraordinary. We become easily obsessed with doing what is expected of us, rather than the unexpected. If you are required to do a spread sheet with P+L for a business, and you’re proud to get it right, well, you’ve just wasted your entire day. Your boss or client expects that sheet to be right, it’s not the gold medal in the Olympics. Doing what’s expected must therefore become a system of checks and balances otherwise you’ll be straining yourself in order to be ordinary. Ordinary is to meet expectation, extraordinary is to achieve expected results easily and fast. That’s a system.

My health program is a system. I feel sad for those whose health program is considered some sort of achievement. For me, it’s expected that I ride a bike 4 times a week hard, swim 3 times a week in the pool, eat the Slow Carb Diet from Tim Ferris and avoid immune system killing thoughts… This for me is a system, not an option or an achievement. It’s systematised and no choices joices.

For systems to work there must be context. If I create a system for my expense reporting it’s done because I want that detail done perfectly, in the smallest of time windows, automatically, so that I can focus on “Changing the World One Heart at A Time” – if i don’t have a context, my systems won’t work. So, we need a clear vision, inspiration and purpose (GOALS) in order to have systems we put in place work for us.

Time is God. Time spent looking for lost car keys or hats or left behind papers is a smack in the face for God, wasted time. Nature will destroy anything that does not fulfill its purpose and our communal purpose in life is to evolve, get more done in less time…. Anyone living in opposition to this will get ill, seriously.

Let’s go back a moment. I ride a bike, swim in a pool, eat carefully, never take holidays, say prayers with meals and visualise the future before sleep. I believe in love in all aspects of my life. But if each of these was a means to an end, a goal, i would be in the firing line of nature’s most malicious diseases and illness. No, I do all these diverse things linked to my purpose in life, my goals. I don’t set goals in sport other than for the express purpose of keeping me super fit so I can do my vision, inspiration and purpose (GOALS) in life.

To fully understand nature’s plan try looking at life through a prism. See below. At the base there are “GOT TO” things you must do in order to prevent yourself entering the monkey mind, the spaggetti head, the fight or flight, the fear guilt mode of life. Everything in this level of the prism of consciousness is essential, must be done, daily, sometimes hourly. These are the in the zone of systems where GOD is really in the details. You might say “I’ve got to eat well in order to feel well in order to do well in life” then, eating well is a system. It’s a got to. To fit the system into a system, you would determine the structure of eating, the fixed food menu, the framework for sustaining it, and make it your bible. That’s why I use the Four Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet as a religion for eating. No choices, no options and no temptations. So, at a food level at least, i’m never in GOT TO, I systematised it.

In my podcasts and blogs, these are my Should’s and I should do these because I want to share with the world who have not the burning ambition to be a high achiever but need some nature based human development guidance, it’s my pro bono contribution to the world. I fix a time, date, format, and structure for these so they are done with maximum love, highest level of communication for me and globally accessible. I systematise my pro bono work.

Then there’s my needs, and wants. These are also systematised. They relate to relaxation, recovery, romance and emotional satisfaction and I make sure that I serve myself with this level of satisfaction but not let it become an addiction nor a goal. These are my “gratifications” and I don’t deny them but rather satisfy them by feeding them with a system. I never forget the system that feeds my needs and wants and fulfill that daily, sometimes hourly.

As we head toward, desire, choose and love, I am focussed on creative, open hearted commitment to the vision and purpose of my life. The got to, should, need to and wants of my humanity are fed, not hungry, and now I have the remaining 23 hours of my day to live inspired. I know, not only my job, but my needs, wants, shoulds and got to’s. I do not get over the moon by doing what’s expected but do, as a consequence free myself to live with spirit in the higher thinking, higher realms of what i love to do, and evolve in the process.

One significant key to this Job Knowledge is to avoid reaction. Reacting to the world around us sends us into self-sabotage and disrupts the systems we put in place to feed the lower needs of our life. If we react, we break rhythm, we allow someone else’s values to disrupt our own, we blow our systems out of the water and become “creative” in satisfying ourselves at the completely wrong end of our consciousness, we become confused about food or emotions or fears and then this cookie monster starts eating itself.

Mine is nature’s way. A way of REAL SPIRIT. I hope you can join me and breakfree and breakthrough all of the Acting that other’s call life. Stay healthy.