Technical Ability

It’s no miracle that you’re reading a blog, typed by me, loaded on the web, sent to you through the airwaves, to land electrically on your phone be read by you into your brain, passed your mind and into your heart where it reverses itself into your mind and out through your brain to cause you to say, “wow” I never felt that before. It’s no miracle, it’s an expectation.

But once upon a time it would be called a miracle from God.

Now, we just complain that the internet speed is too slow or that the service is poor in the mountains of Tasmania. We evolve and so too do our expectations.

Not so long ago if you had a heart attack you’d die. Now, well, at the least they give you a 3d printed heart with a series of electrical pumps to keep you alive or simply a pace maker to generate electrical shocks to make your original heart function. We evolve and so too do our expectations.

Yesterday I was standing beside the road waiting to cross when out of nowhere, and without sound a car tore past me at 140km/hr in a suburban street. It missed me by a meter. An electric car accelerating faster than I have ever seen a noisy petrol engine, soon to be driverless. We evolve and so too will our expectations.

Technical ability is like this. Our ability to communicate through media, mediums and at a personal level is where it has never been before and yet, our expectations haven’t evolved. Strange thing. We still expect what we had in the human development world and yet, compared to electric cars, the technologies are way ahead of that. Let me give you some examples.

Anger… There is a way to deal with interpersonal challenges without anger and yet, people, even highly skilled ones still get angry. Anger is known to cause cancer, heart failure, child behavioural problems, rejection at work and relationship mediocracy. But we still expect anger.

Frustration … There is a way to deal with the overwhelming confusion of life without frustration. And yet, we still go there rather than use the “electric car” of frustration management. We expect the past but have tools and science for the future.

Depression … Depression is mostly caused by elation. Simply mind science has dominated this field with pharmaceuticals and now psychedelics, and retreats and sympathy but we still function as if electrical shock therapy is the highest science in depression.


Why do we technically evolve but don’t humanly evolve our emotional selves to expect the best? Well, I believe it’s because we don’t have to… we still have the luxury of time.

If the time it takes to prepare dinner at night can take 20 minutes, if we actually have that time, we take that time. That’s our expectation. A kitchen appliance that saves that time will be compared to the manual process and we might save some elbow grease but the appliance might give us a sense that we are not doing the job right. Like a microwave which for some, is a time saver that ruins the “old way” of cooking.

If something bad happens we give ourselves an expected amount of time to deal with it. If something good happens we give ourselves an expected amount of time to celebrate it. Our expectations are the problem. We don’t evolve our expectations because they form a very strong component of our beliefs, or, as it is better known, our ego.

Expectations create realisations.

Nacebo is a negative placebo. If we expect the worst, we get it. Placebo, if we expect an outcome we cause it. Our mind expects what it has witnessed or learnt. We rarely question our expectations. But when confronted by a device that challenges our expectations, like an electric car, we adapt, evolve, it’s evidentiary. We evolve.

The power of the mind to cause life is not so evidentiary. When something unexplained happens we might say “luck” or “right place, right time” or “karma” or “God’s will.” But we are more powerful than we are prepared to expect. We do not evolve our greatest power but rather build machines to imitate it.

Non verbal communication … a mobile phone.

We belong to a free wifi system. The cosmic wifi. We communicate non verbally. Clumsy, we are at it but we know a person long before we meet them. We promote ourselves on linkedin, but, we already communicate more than linkedin by what we think and feel about the future, our vision.

Your vip, vision inspiration and purpose is a radio telecommunications tower receiving and broadcasting just as powerfully as any radio antena. We switch it on an off through our commitment to and enthusiasm for that future. This is why it is so important to have your VIP statement and the manifestation formula functioning as part of the technology we use and expect in life. It makes the electric car look antique.

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