To my students, Re the Virus…

It is so easy to become a part of the problems we wish to fix and with the current struggle people are having with the virus, you have an opportunity, as fully coached, conscious, innerwealth living, soul guided individual, to choose to be a part of the solution.

The first step in this movement from problem to solution is to recognise the first universal law of nature, that there are two sides to everything, and we can, with that knowledge know both sides but focus, consciously on the positive. This is the mark of a problem solver, rather than a problem propagator.

The soul guides you to know that you cannot give what you haven’t got. If you are focussed on what can go wrong, what is bad, what is fearful, what might happen if a and b happen you will diminish your own immunity, you will decrease your energy, you will lose your powers and with that become unable to help others in their time of panic and fear.

At this time, it is not a time to educate others on the duality of reality, but rather respect their problem mindset and yet not be contaminated by the problem seeking information that reinforces their fears. Let them fear but you need not.

If you spend as much time talking about your dreams and vision as most people do about this virus and invest the same energy of familiarity in the enthusiasm to find validity for the misinformation about the virus but instead, talk about and validate your vision and dreams you will be well on the way to the process of manifesting whatever your dreams are. 

You are wise to know that you can’t give what you haven’t got. Your vision, your inspiration and your purpose are as strong and powerful as ever. It’s not time to do your vision quest for this month and months so you have even more clarity about the future while others fear it. This is leadership, and what is needed.

It is wise to plan for a 2 weeks to a month of lock-down. This may or may not happen but by planning for it with canned or frozen food, medicines and other needs you will be able to provide. 

The current virus spreading around the world can breed fear and panic, it can cause the masses to become hysterical and even cause people to act without consideration. 

We, those of us who choose to live inspired, Innerwealth lives, must help by creating the energy of the remedy rather than the source of the fear and panic. It is our responsibility to tell the long term and reassure others of real facts and not hysterical predictions of doom. 

The world is evolving. Many are dying. They are old and vulnerable and deserve all we can do to preserve their life. But you are strong. You exercise each day with your HIT training, you eat well, you think with loving kindness and let go the past with gratitude. You hold your values sacred and accept the love of nature as a foundation principle for your spiritual wellbeing. You already know that the words you speak, both to yourself and others in times of hardship live on longer than the moment they were spoken, therefore you know the power of thought and word in human wellbeing. 

Stay strong in this time. Stay visionary. Stay grateful. Stay loving and kind. Be generous. And most of all, stay very healthy. This, of all times, is one where your immune system will be of great importance. 

I finish with a story. I was living in India, Mysore and studying yoga, writing a book and learning Ayurvedic medicine. One day, as I observed my teacher treating patients, an old broken man came to the doctor. He was certainly on his last days, and after his treatment I heard the Doctor say “see you next visit.” I asked the doctor why he didn’t say “you have 24 hours to live” which was truly the case. And the Doctor replied, “I do no want to be a part of the Karma that brings this life to an end. By predicting the negative, I and the death of that man would be connected.” And this is the fine art of leadership. We do want to be a part of the Karma of success but not failure. We must watch our language at all times. 

Please step back a moment.  Be a part of the solution, not the mass consciousness that is a part of the problem.