Over the next months you’re going to experience working in ways you’ve never done before.To that end you’re going to have experiences that are new.

  1. Set up a flexible workspace so it’s not boring or rigid
  2. Enjoy working outdoors
  3. Have a cuppa tea or whatever nearby
  4. Eat to a schedule
  5. Work in shorter chunks
  6. Have a daily do, dump delegate list
  7. Prioritise
  8. Have a clear vision
  9. Reset every 20 minutes
  10. Don’t be afraid of breaks
  11. Stay awake
  12. Be active in your posture
  13. Keep your clothing good and smart
  14. Tidy desk
  15. Weekly objectives
  16. Get tech stuff done in AM
  17. Connect with people frequently
  18. Take great breaks
  19. Switch off social media and news
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