Covid 19 – SOME Ideas for HealthY Isolation

Most people on this planet are in “auto pilot” living super unconscious lives.

We are not unstoppable, as human beings, only mother nature is that. And, yes, we are part of Mother Nature but we are not the only part nor are we the most important.

We are one with nature, we are nature. But if one part of that is out of line with their authentic nature (cough, cough, … humans), then nature will expel that part to restore balance.

I would say try to shop at times when there are very few other shoppers there. That [could mean] going first thing in the morning when the store opens, or late at night. I think many people will rely on delivery, and that’s just the nature of our lives right now. For delivery workers, I would say, leave the food on the doorstep and ring the bell, rather than interacting face-to-face with the person who’s ordered the food.

We have to work with nature.

Don’t you see? things are very out of alignment with the world WE have helped to create.

It’s hard to say “Don’t take public transport” because a lot of people rely on it to get to work. If you don’t have to and you can drive, it’s probably a good idea. It will help other people who have to take public transit for their livelihoods to do so and do so more safely.

You have contributed to this imbalance greatly. Time to take a look in the mirror, change starts with YOU!!! What systems are not working well for you? Do you enjoy your day to day job? Do you struggle and live pay check to pay check? Are you sucked into the lies we are told by tv advertisements, big pharma and our corrupt food industry? Are you competing with your neighbours to have the best car or the better body or be more trendy in organic labels in your pantry?

One of the best ways we can show love to the people we care about is to step back and to stay away. In many cases that takes courage, and it takes speaking out over these social norms that dictate that we should be polite and we should be together and we should celebrate and gather.

Please do not be too busy with worry to exercise during the work day or make yourself ill by eating badly processed food and don’t sit all day and call this “loving” to those you love? That is slow suicide. It is a time right now to re-consider that. Maybe slow down a little.

Certainly, there is no chance I would recommend an indoor shared playroom, playground, or play space. For my own grand children, even the outdoor playground would be off-limits, and I would suggest the same to others. One goal is to keep people (including children) away from one another—and children congregate at playgrounds. A second goal is to avoid contaminated surfaces, like play equipment. It’s impractical to suggest that people could use the playground while avoiding people and disinfecting the play surfaces. For now, find the widest open space available to you and your family, and go there.

That old way is no way to live…

WE all have to do our part to help one another and in turn that helps our own lives as a collective! It’s going to take every person making small changes which will cause a ripple effect. Show love, be patient with strangers, say hi to people more often, opt out of some of the mind controlling rubbish we all feed on, give a damn, find a job you like, take your health into your own hands.

It’s not easy, I’m not saying it is. And while I’m ranting about the frustration of listening to excuses and people blaming, I’m also listening to myself. It is a mirror to all of us.

We are here at a special time and space. Do your part to make the world we come back to after this short wake-up call, and stop waiting for someone else to go first.

For now, walking, running, [and] biking outside, in uncrowded locations, seems like a healthy thing to do. Lotte and I have driven to the national parks in the past few days, in search of green and open space. For city dwellers, finding an empty path is challenging. Even Bondi Beach has been crowded and banned. For people in more remote areas, being outside is a great way to cope. Walking outside with a friend, while keeping distance, is likely to be a relatively low-risk activity. With every additional social contact, the risk of encountering an infected person goes up, so strictly minimise the number of people you interact with. I wouldn’t pick a new friend every day! Stick with one friend, and preferably one who limits their other social contacts, too.

Take care of YOU! Get out of those old patterns, be productive, get outdoors away from steamy yoga rooms, smelly gyms, florescent lights, get walking and talking, get out into the beauty and love of nature.

If you don’t have symptoms, going out in nature where you are not within six feet of other people is okay. We need to look after our mental and physical health, and fresh air, nature, and exercise are really important for that. However, meeting people is risky and could undermine our collective sacrifice to reduce viral transmission, especially if you don’t keep your distance. If you do go out with a friend, stay at least six feet away and avoid physical contact.

I’m going to stop this rant, but, I think, you get my point. Nature and the universe and I love you, now go be with your family or friends or better still get off this computer and give you and a tree a big hug, feed yourself some nourishing thoughts, foods, and love.

You are the miracle you are waiting for. You won’t find it living your life through blame and victim, you have to be the change you want to see.

The fact that you are here is a pure miracle. Just because you exist, you deserve love.

Think it through, your body is nature’s bible, how are you treating it? Your mind is the root of creation, how are you guiding it. It’s time to reconnect to the miracle of life and live it.

Boost your immune system, it is truly the closest thing you have to creation. Take care of it.

With Love and Wisdom

Your Life – Business Coach