COVID 19 Today's Insights – Gratitude, Presence, Certainty and Love – The best mind body medicine.

There are four states of mind I advocate for leaders and champions looking to guide the world and their family through this crisis. They are Gratitude, Presence, Certainty and Love.

These four states of mind are hard work. They do not come automatically. In fact, many of our social systems encourage the opposite. Do you know why that is?

Why do social, marketing and management systems encourage you to have the opposite to these four powerful states of mind?

Well, it is a time immemorial requirement to subdue the masses by organised religions, organisations, marketing guru’s and media because with ingratitude, desire, uncertainty and emotion you can be manipulated.


An individual is in their power when they are grateful, present, certain and with love. But, for some habitual reason after a personal stress, we gravitate to their opposite for solace. Let me explain more:

An ungrateful person attracts attention far faster than a grateful one. This ungrateful person will be upset about social imbalance, environmental destruction, human disadvantage, personal affront. They will win the minds of those who carry anger, fear and frustration about life and therefore in some languages and most culture’s, lead.

This ungrateful person might even be fighting for change, and often we gravitate to that activism. So, you might see gratefulness as passive. It certainly isn’t.


A person who is not present is actively seeking to find something to bring them into this moment. This search for pleasure is without doubt a great human weakness. The appetite for pleasure over pain, or right over wrong, is truly the search for presence. It is easy to bring people to presence by making them laugh, cry, happy, gratified with food or sex, dulled with drugs and fulfilled with material reward. It is easy to hook people into brands, purchases and satisfaction when they are not present.

You are encouraged to seek. Landmark Forum and many new age road shows for self improvement are profitable business that thrive on the lack of presence in their attendees. We become weak and vulnerable when we seek, however it feels wonderful. The search for spiritual, mental, social, career, family, financial and physical satisfaction is the appetite on which the capitalist system thrives on. So what may be the most perfect human state, presence, “turning up” is the complete opposite to the system that creates consumerism. We feel powerful when we seek, and it feels great, but it is truly not powerful.


.The person with the greatest certainty leads and yet, to the person with the greatest certainty, uncertainty is their most powerful leadership tool. An uncertain follower is a dedicated one, “what’s going to happen next?” is the call of the uncertain individual. And whether it is an hour, a day, a week or a month, uncertainty is without doubt, the trigger for financial and physical illness, immune failure, ageing, mental illness, depression, fatigue and sporting failure.

Overcoming uncertainty is the game of thrones. It triggers a quest for power for at least in business management and sport, certainty is captaincy. To bring down a leader, create uncertainty about their decisions. To bring down a friend create uncertainty about their integrity. To bring down the whole male race cast a light on the uncertainty of their intent.

When lovers break up, they will often share stories about their once loved partner to create uncertainty in friends as to their real knowledge of the separated spouse. But the power that uncertainty is attracted to in order to resolve itself, is forever sabotaged because the uncertain person, will search for and find, eventually, fault in leadership in order to validate their uncertainty.

The certainty we all seek, is never found through attachment.


The opposite to love is all emotion. Happiness is not love. Sadness is not love. But we do define love through the many emotions we associate with love. Kindness, gentleness, attraction, elation, pleasure, compassion, gratitude, we have many emotions that we link to love, but they are emotions, not love.

Love is the synthesis of emotion.

If you balance attraction and repulsion, you will have love. If you balance elation and depression you will have love. Love is the balance of emotion, two divergent emotions experienced at the same time create a moment of “unconditional love.” The more of these unconditional moments we have the more thankful we become, the more present we are, and the greater our certainty.

So it may become magnificently obvious to you right here that the entire human condition, in every human that has, is and will exist, is teaching us to love. Those who are surviving life with the attraction of ingratitude, the hunger of seeking, the disruption of uncertainty and the energy of emotion are searching in the wrong places. And such a search will lead to a global imbalance and such a global imbalance will lead to calamity, disasters and humbling circumstances.

Have you seen any of those lately?


Gratitude = The Celebration of all things past.

Presence = The celebration of all things present

Certainty = The celebration of all things future

And love = A State of total Open Hearted Being.