Covid 19 – Immune Boost through Mental Magnetism

Your mind comes in to spacetime. You have a soul in presence and that soul projects a mind that then goes into spacetime, which means your higher mind comes into your body – then your mind goes into the future and away from the past, this is emotion, linear thinking. We call this future imagination and past memory, or fear of the future and guilt of the past. This higher mind and second mind goes into the body, it biases things. If we listen to it we fear the future or hold guilt of the past.

When you exaggerate or minimise something it is a Lie. Then, whatever you do, you automatically splinter things into fear and guilt, into memory and imagination. We couldn’t have memory and imagination if we didn’t lie. And we couldn’t lie to ourselves in fear and guilt if there was not future and past. Illusions are necessary for imaginations and memories. But, no memory and no imagination is real spirit, totally pure.

By definition, their absence is called presence. If we were to go back and purely balance our perceptions and memories of any given moment in our lives, guess where we would be in that moment? We could not differentiate it as memory because we would be there. We would be present in that moment.

The only way to have an experience called memory is to distort that moment; you have to bias it, and it’s the same for imagination. That’s why whatever you imagine is lop- sided. If you’re inspired and your vision is present, you can have a relatively untainted memory and imagination.

“and the feminine is as masculine. Then shall we enter into the kingdom.”


Feminine and mascule, past and future are all time based perceptions. When we merge feminine and masculine energy, we are present.

You can practice this at home during this crisis time. Be present.

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