How To Use Nature’s Universal Laws to Heal, Reduce Anxiety, Lower Stress and Live, Love, Life More…

Nature’s Universal Laws.. A Fight with Nature Cannot be Won..

Chris Walker


  1. Seek Harmony
    • Nothing of the senses ever satisfied the soul, so what does? The answer is harmony. Listen to music and when there is harmony we are pleased. Disharmony makes us unhealthy. All disease has disharmony at its roots. Seek harmony. But what is harmony? If you look to music for answers it is incredibly complex. There are so many sources of harmony. But if you look to nature you will find it easily. Harmony is the rhythm of nature. This is translated to thought. Thoughts that are in harmony are beautiful. Thoughts that are not in harmony cause illness and stress.
  2. Celebrate Interconnectedness
    • That all things are somehow connected seeks trite at first but what if there is a forgetful mind that seeks what is missing? This forgetful mind – mindless – runs on autopilot and therefore operates from fear of the future and guilt of the past (the only two emotions). Mindfulness is therefore recognition that there is an interconnectedness between all things – cause and effect, order and chaos, support and challenge, masculine and feminine, loss and gain, pleasure and pain. Learn how to create this connection and you will have an open heart forever.
  3. Balance Your Mind
    • What is stress? It is an imbalanced thought. What is fear? An imbalanced thought. What is hate? An imbalanced thought. What is anxiety and depression? An imbalanced thought. What is judgement? An imbalanced thought… And, what is leadership? A balanced thought. What is love? A balanced thought. What is Success? A balanced thought? What is great health and longevity? A balanced thought. Can you see the immense benefit of learning how to balance your mind? It is a learnt skill.
  4. Evolveyabastard
    • Our bumpersticker. Are you stressed? Then Evolveyabastard. It may jump at you at first, but all the entire universe has one single song, Evolveyabastard. You want to stay one step ahead? Explain why things happen? You want to predict the future? You like to inspire people with their future? You will need the skills and sciences of Evolveyabastard. All the universe evolves at the border of order and chaos and the tighter you keep yourself to this border, the more you grow. Learn this skill and you will have less bad and more good luck in your aims for life.
  5. Inspiration
    • That there is an organising principle that governs the world is identical to the organising principle that governs your life, your heart. What is in your heart can be the central theme of your existence as long as you know what that is… and it is a multidimensional thing.
      • A Purpose… a far distant sense of intention for everything you do
      • A Vision … a closer navigation system that guides your actions and thoughts toward the love you have for what draws you into the long term
      • An Inspiration … a moment to moment connection between the love of life and your actions in life


A balanced person is an inspired individual. Their life is balance. They are never one-sided, they never make a stand, they are never righteous because they understand that everything in this world is built in duality and therefore to stand on one side or the other breeds imbalance. A person who is imbalanced will have significant swings of emotion from infatuation to resentment, elation to depression, and attraction to repulsion. They may overeat and then starve. These same people, imbalanced, find extremes attractive and this is the source of their disharmony. 

Balanced living is neither excess nor deficiency. Neither overeating nor under eating. Never too much, never too little. The result of balanced living is obvious. A balanced person will be at ease. Whatever the situation, their relaxed attitude will not be lost. Unconditionally, the lack of tension will stay. A person who is balanced is always at ease. Even if the death of a loved one comes, and there is grief, they will be at ease: they will receive death as they receive birth. If misery comes they will receive it as they receive joy. Whatever happens it cannot dislodge this person from their place. This relaxed attitude, this ease is a consequence of being balanced.

People search for balance for many reasons. But the most basic one is to be free of the tension. 

Infinite volumes of spiritual literature can be reduced to a few simple choices in life. Either to be consumed by tensions, or to rise above them. It is really that simple. Tensions that consume our life are bondage. They lead us to live a reactionary existence and represent our inability to immerse ourselves in life with integrity. 

In everyday life we act out our choices. The depth of our commitment to our personal harmony shows in many ways. We demonstrate the reality of our own motivations through our interactions with other people and through the quality of the environment we create. It is important for us to understand this so that we can look at ourselves in a realistic way and begin to make our choices, with consciousness. 

Understand that how you deal with tensions, yours and others is really the fulcrum point.

It is the daily articulation of your understanding of service, of love and respect. It is a practical and powerful expression of real love and respect to take the tensions, both your own and others, and to deal with them. As you cultivate this love and respect you are developing a powerful self-mastery, which you articulate in your genuine capacity to serve other human beings. Finally, it is a no jive, no frills down to earth, real life expression that you can do every single day. In this effort of consuming tensions lie the nourishment and the fuel necessary for the total transformation that you ask for: personally and globally. 

We have this opportunity to choose many times each day.

We can make the effort to be open and to live with a genuine love and respect for ourselves and for others; we can choose to see all our inner effort as an investment in the quality of our outer life. We can choose this or we can let ourselves be consumed by doubts, fears, judgments, anger, worries and insecurities. You have to choose your outcome carefully. Instead of being consumed by tension you can instead open yourself and feel the flow of that energy pass through you and you grow as a result. Then you become free, free of all the biological, psychological, and emotional restrictions that endlessly limit human beings to an unfortunately stupid and harsh existence.

This is habitual conditioning and it is what truly keeps us from living our true nature. So much of it is unconscious and socialised: The hunger for wealth, the fear of death, the fear of loneliness, the sense of insignificance. These are socialised responses to normal life. So we have choices. Listen to the ego and therefore identity and operate in fear and uncertainty or follow the heart and operate without reason but with security.

To live with balance is not just meditating: although this can release tensions and reactions.

It is really about becoming aware of the essence of your own life, and then beginning to live from that essence, whether you’re walking, riding the subways, working in your job, or something else. Balance comes from being aware of that essence at all times. Then whether you’re sitting still or moving around is irrelevant. You wont need a special place – environment in order to have that experience. You will have expended the experience of all the techniques into your whole life, and made your whole life itself an act of meditation.

Truth – Seek the balance in all things.

To break a pattern, to change an addiction, we must revisit the past with the eye of a detective. How could there be a good without a bad? How could I be missing something? How could there be an event in my life that was not part of universal law? In other words out of balance. What event, person, place or thing am I not thankful for? Here are the keys to the great unravelling of knowledge, and the true learning – unlearning, to obtain freedom and wisdom. It is therefore by way of stillness, being alone and the adjustment of perceptions of the past, that we can change what our memory holds; then we can add real thinking instead of half truth to our mind, we sleep well at night with this perspective, a universal one. With this skill, we can let go the past and move on.

There is nothing in the universe that is out of balance and most importantly this includes your real stories. Any story from the past that holds more pain than pleasure or more pleasure or pain – needs to be unlearned, it is a lie. Any story that holds a good without a bad is another lie. Any story that does not conclude with a thank you; is running your life. Your perceptions of events however may not be so clear. That’s learning, perceptions say, “that one was good and that one was bad.” But perceptions are received in the most impure environments, when fear and anxiety may have filtered fact. 

So the question is, are you living the past over and over again, or are you living renewed every day of your life. How can dreams come true if you keep repeating the same life over and over? If you don’t change what you think, you create the same things you created yesterday. That is the most obvious truth. Today was created by yesterdays thinking and today’s thinking creates tomorrow’s reality. Unless something changes today then tomorrow must be the same as yesterday.

How much of life you can see the balance in – it’s simple really. 

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