Laws of Nature 1 & 2 – from a Client/Friend

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A long time ago a good friend taught me about the five laws of nature. One of those is that nothing is ever missing in ones life, it just changes in form or already exists in different forms. It sounds similar to what I learned in science at school, matter cannot be created or destroyed, it merely changes in form.

Another law of nature which is closely aligned, that of balance. For every up, there is a down, a positive for every negative and the entire spectrum in between carries with it the whole range of counter balances. How one thinks and feels about a particular situation is a question of perspective. The wider the perspective the greater the possibility to see the balance, and the differences in form for that matter.

If these two laws of nature are valid, could they serve as guidance on how we can best navigate the myriad of complexities and challenges that we now face as individuals and different communities throughout the world?
Each person, no doubt, views the world through their own unique prism, formulated by distinct life experiences. So too will each person reading this have their own take.
Accepting and embracing that, a thought in relation to my question.

The current circumstances obviously throw up difficult and unprecedented challenges that we would not have either conjured up in our wildest imagination or wished upon anyone. It is incredible and extraordinary. So, if given that nothing is missing and there is balance in everything, what are the incredible and extraordinary opportunities waiting to arise for and within each of us that we would or could not otherwise conceive or manifest but for the extremes of the current circumstances?
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