Quarantine is Very Familiar

“I’ve been in this place before.  I’ve gone through times in my life when I’ve had this much fear, and I ended up coming out the other side.  When I lost my spine  When my wife left me.  I survived those things, so I try to remind myself of that.  But it’s been a lot of stress: cheese for breakfast, bread for lunch, the same track suit for three days.  Yesterday my four year old granddaughter told me that I looked like an old pickle.  So it’s been a lot of introspection.  But my main fear is this: what would happen to Innerwealth, if I didn’t pull though these tough times?  I’m a father of three.  And I’m high risk because I have an insatiable appetite to bust myself in sport.  I haven’t been vocal about it, so not many people know.  But those who have taken such good care of me know who they are.  Nobody’s made me feel needy.  Some days I’ll open my door and the wind feels so cold. Or I’ve realised on Facebook that I’ve missed another birthday.  One neighbour left a bottle of red wine at my door, with a note that said: ‘The world needs you.’  Last week I decided to return the favour.  We put a container of Lotte’s cakes in in all our neighbors’ door steps.  We called it Quarantine Cakes.  Then yesterday we got a package on our doorstep.  Our neighbour down the block had bought some amazing sports nutrition.  He signed it: ‘A boost for the Walker team.  And his partner’s name is Alex.  She added a bag of chocolates. But that’s all I know about them except they love bike riding too!  We’ve never had a dinner with them.  Even tough they live in the next apartment. They rode by the house yesterday and they waved as they got off their high end race bikes.  They said: “how’s your day’  It was so warm and un-judgemental.  I couldn’t get close, so I just kept blowing them kisses from the porch. Sometimes the mirror shines so bright we need to feel a connection to the world. Simple connections make the world of difference. In this case, a wave of hi and a smile, caught me by surprise and changed my day.

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