Fresh Eyes

Covid lockdown creates stale eyes. When you see something too often, no matter how great it is, you get used to it. You see a view over and over and in the end, you’ll walk past it until a person with fresh eyes comes to see it for the first time. Then, their appreciation and awe of your view awakens your mind to the beauty.

It’s the same with relationships. Sometimes we get used to seeing our partner naked, or in the kitchen in pyjamas, or sitting across from the table. We get stale eyes until someone else takes an interest in them and boom, we feel re-inspired, re-in-love with them. Stale eyes lose focus.

Today I was riding my road race bike around a cliff top at Watsons Bay and the views were spectacular. I remember the first time I saw this view 30 years ago and man I was frozen to it. Nothing ever passed my eyes as amazing as this view. Today, i was riding past it at sunrise, it’s always beaut but today they were doing road construction and the workers were standing in awe, smoking cigarettes and swearing about the beauty of it. Fresh Eyes. And I just had to stop and take photos.

Fresh eyes.

Nothing in the world beats fresh eyes. Whether you shake your head in order to really turn up and see, or whether someone else’s awe triggers yours or whether you take time away from the desk to come back and see your work with fresh eyes, it’s not important. The key is “fresh eyes”

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