Spirituality at Work.. A Complimentary Ebook

Some people may poo poo spirituality at work. Especially when the scene has been highjacked by young women in lulu lemon teaching something they know little about. Older men teach meditation too and you may as well watch paint dry.

Spirituality, real spirituality must be relevant, not separate from everyday work life. Spirituality is therefore a way. A way to approach things, to deal with things and handle things that happen at work. It can’t be about sitting on a cusion farting on mung beans in an ashram this weekend. Spirituality at work must be relevant and, more important, improve productivity, health, quality of life and make a profit.

All these things and more come from spirituality at work, as long as it’s not taught by a fruit cake.

So here’s your book… apply it and see the changes real spirituality can make at your workplace.

Enjoy and share