Turning Up

It is the mark of the greatest respect for someone you love, care about and value to turn up. This includes your colleagues at work, your partner at home, your children and parents.

We all nod when we hear this and all agree with it. And yet, most can’t get past the theory of doing it. Today I’ll share some practices that might help you turn up more.

  1. Turning up is a choice and ultimately a habit… if you can turn up with one person, you can turn up with everyone.
  2. Turning up is very powerful. It puts you in the drivers seat by handing the microphone to someone else.
  3. You can’t do two things at once and it is the desire to do two things at once that causes us not to turn up: to think, to move, to look, to hear, to speak, to feel, to smell and taste different things all at the same time is the ultimate definition of not turning up. The opposite is also true.
  4. Although we are adept at looking this alone is not turning up. That hard intense looking is called staring. It’s a ruse. Soft eyes can hear. So, the key to turning up with anyone is to soften the eyes, sit or stand still and listen.
  5. If you are eating while you listen you are not turning up unless you are listening to someone talk about the flavour of the food and you are experiencing what they are talking about. Sometimes the eating is a distraction.
  6. Questioning is a form of turning up provided the question is directed at something that the other person has said in the last 60 seconds and is a question of clarification… such as “can I confirm what I think I heard, did you say, ……… ? This is not a statement of doubt but rather a commitment to keep pace and stay focussed on listening rather than thinking.
  7. There is a massive benefit to the world when you turn up. Turmoil is contagious and when we do not turn up we bring turmoil to people’s lives. This often sends people into fight flight, wastes energy, causes disease, and costs emotion. This is not the best for anyone.

Practice turning up today. If you have questions, please ask.

With spirit


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