The Chemistry of Emotional Nutrition

We have no argument with the idea that a nutritionalist will support and challenge us to achieve a better diet. That’s their job. Helping us achieve the results we want, like losing weight, or in the case of my professional athlete wife, win races. I get nutritional advice because I love life and want it to be as energetic, enthusiastic and loving as possible until I drop, which, if my nutrition is right, will be a very long time away.

But what about your emotional nutrition? Who do you go to for that?

My answer is me.

I recently sent a problem I needed answering to my web provider, and the “happiness officer” came back with the answer. I love this. Their job is in reality, not answering my question, it is to do everything within the scope of the environment we are working in (my internet and web site) to make me nourished, chemically, with happiness hormones. It’s such an interesting way to look at it.

Once upon a time this person was called “customer service” just like the new “CMO” was once the sales manager. We give new titles to things to get them closer to the emotional content we want self and others to experience through the interaction. Eventually, if we continue down this path, the CFO of a business will be rebranded “oral sex” officer and the HR department will be the “back scratchers” – where will it end?

If you want to read more about the journey of emotional communication this brilliant article from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence nails it beautifully.



The way I see it is that the chemistry of emotion is presented to us so we can sell products and services to the great unwashed of the planet who have not the resources nor the education to differentiate between emotion and truth. I mean no disrespect in “the great unwashed” but mass consciousness is run purely by emotion, and there starts opportunity and disaster.

The universe is full of stories, not atoms

All news media, good or bad, preys on emotion. All food products, restaurants, cafe’s, fast food and health food emporiums prey on emotion. Emotion drives mental illness and most leadership. Emotion drives the stock market, terrorism, mass religion and street as well as domestic violence. All alcohol, drugs and pharmaseuticals are sold on emotion. So every marketing, sales and business promotion avenue, lives, breathes and survives on emotion.

If you can’t manage your emotion, you can’t manage your wealth

Warren Buffet

Theatre, Netflix, Foxtel, Sport, Nike Shoes, Olympic games, all feed off, survive and continue because of emotion. The better they are at this, the more money they make, the more secure their employment contracts, the higher their share price. Emotion dictates… and those who can manipulate emotion, (Hitler is one such individual who bent this in the wrong direction) the more people who listen. Brand is emotion.


Chris Walker

So when you walk out the door of your office, do you know the difference between what makes you a raging success at work, promoted, guaranteed employment, wanted by competitors, desired by those who need leadership, and truth? If you think the answer is yes, because “you are religious and believe in soul or god” you are very confused because religion is the epitome of the manipulation of emotion. If you think you have a singular soul, the purpose of the very notion is to give you a feeling, and therefore an emotion.

I am standing here on top of a mountain. I can go no higher, going down is life threatening, much more so than coming up. I have no real reason to be here, the euphoria of achievement has been replaced by cold. And for one moment in time, I am caught between the past and the future, I am here. And in this fraction of a second, I have no emotion. I am home.

Chris Walker

Love is not an emotion. But we think it is. How do we get so confused?

The grounding principle of life is love. To love is to be at the supreme state of self that is alive, awake, acting, doing, being. You can’t be taught it, only taught the process of making yourself available to it. Just like you can’t meditate, you can only put yourself in a place and hope that it happens to you. What a powerful idea.

The reason love is so confused, and therefore emotionalised is that everybody wants it, most of us know how it feels, but few people know how to get it. So, it becomes the “holy grail” of everyday life and as soon as this happens, the business of life starts to offer us emotional alternatives.

Check this link to see how far the concept of selling love as a brand has travelled in advertising and brand management.

So, to self-lead, to be able to strip off your business gear which 100% depends on your ability to manipulate emotion and it’s premium product “love” – and then turn up at home as a lover, partner, parent or simply you, is no small ask.

Understanding the difference between Success and Love.

The manipulation of emotion, at the premium end of emotion is called romance. Let me demonstrate with the Innerwealth consciousness cone.


If your partner was at a party with you and whispered into your ear “I’ve got to have you right now” which, in lay language means in the car out the front on the back seat, you might be tempted to think that they loved you so much that they just couldn’t wait to get home. But further from the truth you could never be.

If your partner, sitting at the most elegant French restaurant with white table cloths and silver service said “you should come and move in with me and live together forever” you might again be tempted to say to your friends “He/she/it really loves me.” But further from the truth you could never be.

If you were at work and the text from your new love reads “I want you now” you could be tempted to think that this is a mark, a love mark, an act of love. But further from the truth you could not be.

All of these are emotion. They are the result of good marketing. They are the confusion of religion. The perception that pleasure and being good have some correlation to anything other than primal emotional chemistry is the greatest of human lies. Hence, “I love you” is the most misunderstood emotion on earth.

I love you …. really?

  • I love you … if
  • I love you … while
  • I love you … when
  • I love you … because
  • I love you … as long as ….
  • I love you … provided you don’t run off with the neighbour
  • I love you … but
  • I love you … as long as you be good to me
  • I love you … unless you be bad to me
  • I love you …. etc

Conditional love is emotion. It is a game we play. Used in business it leads to success, such as HR departments using 360 degree feedback, (one of the greatest corruptions in the universe of human development) .. such as Myer Brig and other personality profiles, such as culture change programs. This are the perfect emotional manipulations disguised. One in particular I love is “emotional intelligence” which is short hand for how to get better and being ignorant.

The discovery, that love is not an emotion is critical to your health, longevity, happiness, joy, and family. It reduces your stress and increases your time on earth. It makes you wealthy, healthy and wise. But there’s a twist,

You cannot love, you can just put yourself in a space where love can happen. Isn’t it beautiful that just one thing on the entire planet cannot be manipulated by commercial interests, business or corrupted by religions? Love …

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