Five things that get in the way of Your Happiness at Work


Of all the blocks to happiness, anger and it’s associated emotions of hate and resentment are the worst and the most severe of these is anger and hate that is not conscious to the owner. This reveals itself in more subtle ways of criticism, impatience, short temper, control and negativity.


You can’t be unhappy and thankful at the same time, so much unhappiness comes from the insatiable appetite for more and more and more. Appreciating what you’ve got is the key to overcoming greed.


All stress is made from either fear or guilt. They’re brother and sister. Fear of the future – guilt about the past. Overcoming fear is a major skill in healthy living.


Knowledge is the most dangerous asset if that knowledge can’t be applied. When theories are touted as realities we are trapped shaping the ego into a duality, a public “what I want to be” versus a private “I know I am not walking my talk.” This dichotomy turns life into a red alert emergency.

Blind Ambition

When life becomes so busy that we can’t enjoy our humanity, can’t feel the tenderness in our heart, can’t enjoy a smile, can’t give a coin, can’t let go of our opinion, can’t smell a flower, can’t stop for a breath then we have done ourselves out of a life. Robots and sequential programs will replace most of what we do within ten years, all that will be left in the world is work that involves humanity, the one thing robots can’t duplicate. Will you be employable then?

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