Nobody Trusts a Manager

A store manager has the store’s best interest at heart, no matter what they say, they better do good for the store or they get fired. 

A product manager has the product at heart, they might say they care, but do they? It’s mostly marketing hype

A sales manager gets paid for sales, so, when they tell you how much they care about the environment, do they or is this good sales pitch?

Would you trust a comedian to lead you through the jungle? Odds are, if they’ve done a great job of managing your laughter, you know they’ve got the ability to jerk you around if they need to. 

Great managers are great tricksters. Great leads are not. So, what’s the difference? They both recruit you to do things by linking with your emotions – what is the difference.

During this phase of the program we’ll discuss and I’ll share some amazing insights as to the real difference between a manager (who all but the most needy people trust) and a leader, one who is trusted.

Most companies and families love tomato sauce, or what’s called in America, Ketchup. I call most managers Catch-up, because they spend most of their time trying to Catch-up with complaints, fixing problems, sorting out issues, fighting fires and dealing with drama. It’s a stressful job. If you work as a doctor or nurse in the emergency area of a hospital you’ve chosen that career. But not everyone wants to be in such demanding, healing and drama solving role. Some people want to be leaders and pioneer the future. Even those people in the emergency must, in some part of their lives outside that work, want to progress. Leadership means tomorrow, knowing it, and going there, risk free.