You Rise to the Level of Your Own Incompetence. Recognising it is the key.

Nature never grows in straight lines, and neither do we. We accelerate sometimes, slow down in others. We grow as people at the border of support and challenge, and sometimes that’s not exactly as we planned it.

Living and working in harmony with nature’s cycles is a great balancing act. When to accept things as they are, when to chill out and bask in past glory and when to put the pedal to the metal and go forward with some determination is a really fine piece of judgement.

But that’s not the most important question… No, the most important question to answer is “What’s Going On?” 

Helicopter view of anything gives you superiority to circumstance and therefore wisdom in dealing with it. It’s like looking from the outside in at your life, your relationship, your health. Most often, people who are outside of your circumstances can view them more wisely than you.

To understand the flow of things is to go with the current rather than against it. Like keeping warm in winter, trying new things in Spring, going for it in Summer and cooling off in Autumn. 

All things have three phases – four seasons and this awareness as a business person, a partner, parent or sport champion is the key to healthy progress without burn out. Too many people push when they could be pulling because they operate on their emotional body clock and not the bigger picture.

Frusta means frustration. It doesn’t prove that you’ve stuffed up, it proves you’ve grown, and it’s time to become a beginner again. Beginners mind puts you back in the fun of learning, unless of course, you’ve decided to stop learning, which of course, is the next best thing to inviting catastrophe, disaster and humbling circumstance into your day.

Want to learn? If you are stressed, you’re incompetent. Time to grow.