The Love of Nature and Making the Best of Your Work time

The definition of growth is “getting more done in less time”

Chris Walker – The Art of Coaching

The way i see it:

There is always an emotional component of coaching. Events are events until we judge them otherwise. So, it is not surprising that around 90% of your work time and therefore productivity can be wasted.

90% of coaching is dealing with emotion, so this becomes an enormous investment. It is also a huge road block to progress. As soon as you judge it, you expand it. And once inflammation sets in, the simple becomes complex.

Take the emotion out of the day and you’ll double your output.

The nature based, universal laws based, definition of leadership is getting more done in less time. Therefore, a leader will be able to do more (I suggest twice as fast) as those they lead. When this is not the case, the leader is just a figurehead and not really a leader.

By now you’re hoping for an example:

Hypothetically, 25 projects are on the table to get done. A leader delegates them to others. If each has a one week turnaround, the leader would be finished them in 25 weeks. However, twenty five weeks is too long. So, the leader delegates to a team and has 5 people in that team. Each individual gets 5 projects and by mathematics, should take 5 weeks to complete them. So instead of 25 weeks for the leader to do it all, the work gets done in 5 weeks. In theory… BUT

The losses add up…

  • first there’s time delegating – add 10%.
  • Then there’s loss in understanding – add 20%
  • Now there’s a reduction in speed due to inexperience add 30%
  • Then there’s individual uncertainty in delivery – add 10%
  • Now there’s the inevitable leader increment adding new thoughts – add 20%
  • Plus the difference in organisation skill on the part of the doer – 20%

It takes someone twice as long to do something that their boss could do in half the time.

Chris Walker – The art of Self-Leadership

So the project’s 25 week window is now 50 weeks in total time spent due to the fact that the boss delegated it to get things done faster. The theory of 5 people doing what could be done in 5 weeks, becomes 10 weeks. If this isn’t the case, the leader isn’t the leader.

This awareness is “the love of nature” and is wise for leaders to hold themselves accountable to this.

ALternative Strategey

The leader gives 3 out of five people the easiest projects. Delegates and expects them to complete each in 2 weeks. The leader coaches 2 more experienced individuals and works with both 50/50 on 15 out of 25 projects. If the leader working with two people can’t accelerate the project completion, they are not a leader. They are a follower.

Leaders get things done in half the time. And leaders delegate because they have a lot to do and want it done in less than the cumulative time they could do it themselves. No use delegating to one or two people, that just extends project completion for twice the time.

Leaders get things done in half the time.

Chris Walker – The Art of Self Leadership