Coaching to Inspire the Individual – 7 Reasons Why Learning Nature’s Universal Laws is Important to Corporate Growth

Reason 1. It Honours Diversity

Everyone has an opinion about President Trump. And that’s great, the world needs unique individuals not clones. But I’ve spent most of my life studying cloned human development programmes such as Buddhism, Human Synergistic, Myer Briggs, Positive Thinking, Demartini Process, NLP, Ashtanga Yoga and more… They don’t work. One diet doesn’t solve all human problems. And more importantly, generic answers don’t work for unique genius’. Nature respects your absolute unique individuality and then integrates it into the very diversity of humanity rather than clone human beings one size, philosophy fits all.

Reason #2. It’s the only thing that works for human development.

There are three levels of thinking:

  1. Effect – My emotions and how I feel
  2. Mindset – My opinions, beliefs and ideas.
  3. Cause – My judgements.

All religion, news, media, communication and more are focussed on 1 or 2. Self help and personal development are focussed on 1 or 2. Comedy is focussed on 3. Most of us think that when we change #2 or #3 we change ourselves, but this is not true. If we change #2 or #3, we only change our identity, re-branding, but at the core, and our real influence, doesn’t change with #2 or #3, it only changes with #1. Nature’s universal laws were not (unlike religion and moral codes of self development) built out of human emotion, they are the reality behind it. Real change only comes from universal principles that challenge judgements. Hence, it’s real for change..

Nature is real for change

Reason #3. They are Universal

Books abound on how to live better, eat better, poo better, kiss better, work better, be better and make the world better. If you read them, and the big thick religious testiments, you’ll agree, there’s a minefield of wading to do to get to the facts, usually requiring and intermediary to interpret it, which is where the problem starts. For example: billions of people live from the bible all the way from terrorists and extremists to Presidents and the Queen of England. Each is left to trust a different interpretation, vastly different from pauper to Pope. Nature has no such need for translation. She has five simple principles, universal principles, that exist on Mars and in a human DNA chain. There’s no book, there’s just a walk in the park and the are the same anywhere on earth. No middle man (person). Hence they encourage collaboration as we as self-reliance.

Self reliance is nature’s message

Reason #4. They encourage harmony.

Opinions are the root of violence. They divide the world and we identify with them. We say “I think and therefore I am.” It’s old language but it’s as true today as ever. If you question what someone thinks about the environment, Trump, whales and elephant tusk hunting, you’ll surely get a real assault if you don’t agree with mass consciousness on these and thousands of other topics (nuclear power, coal, rainforest logging, GMF, and more. Those opinions are crucial to community collaboration, culture. But they are by no means the measure of a person, in fact, they are the cheapest measure of a person. One can think whatever, it doesn’t make them a better or worse individual, just social or anti social. Much of our social fabric is disrupted by thinking that thinking is a measure of our worth. Nature argues that value is derived by contribution but all of nature deserves love, including bush fires and tsunami. It’s very very different and a much more authentic expression of life.

Personal harmony for a better world

Reason #5. Productivity

There is an intrinsic link between what we want and what we do. What we want is based on our values. What we do is based on our desire for #1. Effect (how we fee) or #2. Mindset (being right, good, impressive). When what we do is separated by #1, or #2, from what our values are #1, we go into robotic mode and look for means of stimulation to overcome the drain. We become emotionally hyper elated, pumped and therefore depressed. We take stimulants and therefore overweight and sick. We operate toward others in short term attraction and repulsion. This fabric is sickeningly the norm and the default of those who do not comprehend a simpler formula for life, nature’s laws that always link cause and effect, productivity.

Everything has a purpose in nature

Reason #6. It fights against abuse

In corporate life, Human Development has taken the form of pre packaged process that are designed to encourage “good behaviour.” This is religion disguised as a “Human Synergistics Programme” or religion disguised as Myer Briggs cloning. For the majority of participants, compliance with these dictated human measurement and development programmes is mandatory, and that’s a disgrace. 360 degree feedback and performance development are used to send incompetence home. In contrast, nature’s universal laws focus on total human awareness, they therefore grow the total individual and do not build one area of life with idealism and leave the consequences of that, which are very much the opposite, outside the purview of the development programme. Nature is therefore truly holistic. It works.

Self-awareness beyond ego

Reason #7. The whole family can learn it by osmosis.

With classical human development, we rely on holidays, weekends and Netflix to recuperate from an exhausting process of living. Our mental and emotional incompetence is reflected in our appetite to escape the life we live and “get away from it all.” That’s a ludicrous notion. Sure, we love to explore the world and travel and see other places, but when we define these sojourns as “as chance to recover” maybe much of that escape is wasted. And consider the cost of diminishing return as the stress and tiredness mounts up to cause lost quality time at home and at work. Lost time, lost life, lost love. Nature’s universal laws have no such vacillation nor appetite to escape a poorly managed self-leadership paradigm. Instead, quality control is maintained in the highest personal standard by understanding the order in the chaos of life. I call it mobile meditation, but really it’s just living as nature intended.