28 things you’ll need to do to come home from work with more energy than you started with….

#1. You can’t give what you haven’t got

It seems completely ridiculous that I write this, but if we have nothing to give, we have nothing to give. If we’re not happy, we can’t make people happy. And most importantly for this blog, if we’re exhausted, burnt out, tired, we can’t give anything, nothing. No sales, no advice, no compassion, nothing. So, step on, fill you own tank daily.

#2. Pills don’t build energy…

What created the body heals and vitalises the body. Pills didn’t create the body. Nature did. Love did. Sweaty bodies did. Raw sunlight in the form of food and outdoor life did. You want energy then go to the source of it, it’s free. Energy does not come in packets either. You want synthetic life, buy synthetic energy. No issues. But if you want vitality, and you want it raw and gorgeous and life busting joyful, get out, love nature and have sex in the garden (the last one is not really a suggestion just a fantasy)

#3. Sleep… turn off the fucking tv and YouTube.

Blacklist, Ozark, Breaking Bad, Billions, Get Shorty these shows have a lot to answer for. They entertain us while we need to be asleep. As the partner of a professional athlete, and previously a yoga guru, I’m here to say, sleep is an underestimated necessity. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his YouTube video “ sleep faster” but until then, sleep longer.

#4. Do something

So far today I have not seen daylight. It’s past midday. I’ve worked 6 hours straight on podcasts, 3 coaching sessions, and four blogs. Why? Why have I gone against all that I teach about early starts out in nature and taking breaks? Productivity is the king and queen of my life. It doesn’t matter how many hours of sunshine, how many kisses, how many kilometers I ride my bike and how much I have in the bank, I know that when I’m tired, and my energy is low, it’s because I have not done enough, productivity is low and so too my energy gets low. Last night I went to bed way too tired and I knew that I’d done a huge day of coaching and some swimming but, in my values, not been productive for my vision. So I knew today I would do a double day of writing, podcasting, coaching and reading. That’s energising and empowering. This is important, everybody needs their four top priorities to achieve their vision. Mine are read, write, travel (virtual) and speak.

#5. Save your energy don’t waste it

Dumb as it is, we waste more energy than we could ever use. Most failure, exhaustion and fatigue in life comes from wasted energy, not from utilisation. It’s like we have a certain self-worth (Innerwealth) of energy we can accept but anything more, we seem to have a need to burn it. To prevent this waste, we need two things: 1. A reason not to waste it… 2. An awareness of the tricks we can use to dump it. Here’s a short list:

  1. Low emotion… anger, greed, hate, disappointment, jealousy, envy, rage, regret. That’s a short list. If we have no energy, we won’t choose those emotions.
  2. Watching tv
  3. Worrying about things we can’t change (ruminating)
  4. Meditation and rumination (mental masturbation)
  5. Therapeutic shopping
  6. Eating (cheap carbs use more energy to digest than they provide)
  7. Super sex fantasies
  8. Criticising others and self
  9. Alcohol and drugs
  10. Self obsessing
  11. Getting sick

#6. what you appreciate, appreciates, what you depreciate … depreciates

If you waste energy on trivia, (low priorities) if might make everyone around you super happy that you did what they wanted, did the dishes and fed the chickens, but if you make others happy while your feel resentful that they don’t make you happy, of if you do what you do because you want to make them happy, you are draining energy faster than a fat man trying to put on a leotard. If you are going to do things for others do it with love or not at all, because anything done to make other people happy will eventually come back and bit you on the bum.

#7… Store your energy

Remember the eveready battery bunny, banging that little drum until all it’s competitors ran out of juice? Well, don’t do that. Potential energy is priceless. It’s one reason yogi people in India tell men not to ejaculate (store up mojo) because most men, soon as they feel energy sexy they need to squirt it at, in or on something. This is true at work too but verbal. Never give 100% .. 90% is sustainable. And living in the 100% red zone requires Adrenalin – and this energy is really meant for emergencies, not porn or anger.

#8. Patience is everything

The impatient person taps their foot, rattles their jewels, twinkles their fingers and blinks their eyes. Their energy is flowing out of them without control and instead, they’d be wise to calm the f..k down. Rattling things is for babies. Excitement is for kids at birthday time. Over excess of anything leads to depletion. Calm down, I read the last page of your book and everything turns out just fine.

#9. Have a bloody good reason…

Recently I was riding my bike early in the morning going up a long hard hill in the suburbs when I was struck with an incredibly urgent emergency in my bowels. It was make or break. I knew of some bushes in a park nearby and decided to sprint for it. I made it 80% anyways. But on my Strava records I got a golden crown for my fastest ever ascent of that bloody long hill. To be honest, I’d forgotten about it being a hill, All I could think of was not humiliating myself riding home with with poo in the bike crank. That’s a good example of how important it is to have a vision in life….

#10 don’t burn your matches

In sport, climbing mountains or business, there’s a honeymoon period when we start something, the gun goes and we are off like a bucket of prawns in the sun. Short term thinking takes over and we can find ourselves sprinting into the first corner and coming out of it, totally knackered for the next 150km. Short term thinking burns matches, energy, and makes it nearly impossible to last the distance at a good speed. A vision sets the target in the distant future, and brings it back to daily achievable. This way, you climb the stairs one step at a time… strange about that…!

#11. Take your pig poo boots off when you get home.

You get paid to think, worry, find fault, fix problems, stimulate growth, encourage improvement, 1make things more productive. But when you walk in the door, it’s the opposite; you get paid in affection, if your currency is complimentary, nothing to change only something to love. The difference to me is poles apart but more importantly if you 3ant to come home with more energy than you left with, best you work out what makes a happy home vastly different to your work mindset. Take your work boots off before you get home.

#12 – #28

I’m too tired to do more …… hahahahaha