Sketch Pad Conversations – Why Coaching Motivation to Inspiration is So Important for High Performance Executives

Reason #1. Be One Step Ahead of Stress

You grow at the border of order and chaos in life. Trying to avoid it is like trying not to breath, eat and poo. Something is just not going to work. Your work will, even if it’s boredom, challenge you. Have you met people who are proud of how they do that challenge their own way? It’s pretty ugly. Mostly denial. Always at a huge cost to others around them. Senior executives are renowned for it. Building their ego around righteousness. It stinks for them, their family and business. Coaching takes incompetence offline and privately negotiates with it to evolve and grow the individual. Success doesn’t have to SUCK.

Reason #2. A Sounding Board for Professional Growth

The best time to invest in something is yesterday… Unless you invest in coaching. Good coaching is predictive. You don’t want to wait for stress to remind you that growth is important. You want to grow before the snow. You want to be one step ahead of stress, challenge and issues. This is the purest objective of coaching, your coach will predict the challenges you’ll face in creating your vision plan and prepare you and where possible prevent those challenges from distracting you. Saves you time, energy and love in life.

Reason #3. Better Life Balance

It’s too easy to get caught up at work and sacrifice all those things you are working hard for. There’s no need. A balanced person works better, leads better and achieves more

Being challenged to question whether you are walking your talk is a real opportunity to catch yourself before you cause damage to your personal and professional life.

Reason #4. You Need It

This video explains it best…

Reason #5. Life’s too short to learn from experience

Some of us have daddy issues. We don’t like taking advice. We prefer to run as fast as we can and into a brick wall in order to discover that Dad was right, brick walls aren’t soft. We then proceed to bang our head against said brick wall to show Dad that we are right, and Dad usually smiles and walk’s away remembering how he refused the advice of his Dad. “when i was 18 I was shocked at how little my Dad knew. When I turned 21 I was surprised at how much he’d learnt in just three years.” Life is too short to hang onto that wound. But instead of a Dad who has some investment in your choices (carry the family torch) a coach has none, but should in theory, have the wisdom, if not more. The greatest oxymoron i know is a “young life coach” or “a certified life coach” none of which holds enough experience to guide an elephant let alone the priceless and precious life of a human being and their extended family. Life is too short to learn from experience so why not learn from mine?

Reason #6… $$$$$$$$$$$

What’s the cost of a lost day? What’s the cost of a sleepless night? What’s the cost of a rude comment to your partner? What’s the cost of a divorce? What’s the cost of a messed up child? What’s the cost of a business mistake due to anxiety or stress? What’s the cost of health issues unresolved? What’s the cost of being so self-obsessed that you get depressed? What’s the cost of a short life? What’s the cost of uncertainty? Coaching reduces or even eliminates these and other challenges. It’s worth its weight in gold. Or worth your weight in gold.

Reason #7. You Want to Win

A loser once said “winning isn’t everything.” But if you search for the challenges most people have at home or at work, it’s due to a clambering competitive spirit amongst people for resources, priorities, time, energy and like a vacuum cleaner up your nose, you. Getting defensive won’t work. Complaining about other people stealing your lunch or role in the business won’t work. Blaming your spouse won’t work. And blaming covid won’t work. If you want to win, play the game. Coaching is ideal in this situation because it’s another tool in your competitive bag of tricks. Ways to get what you want, lead, sell and survive. One step ahead of the curve.

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