8 Reasons You Should Know Your Purpose in Life

Reason #1. Your Core Strength

Your innerwealth definitely determines your outer. If you feel unworthy of the gifts life brings, you’ll either sabotage what you get or completely miss opportunities. Innerwealth is that unmovable, unshakeable sense of love for life that does not depend on anything or anyone obeying expectation. Purpose greater than self is the only way to avoid the emotional trap of attaching our sense of self to the ever changing moods, fortunes and innerwealth of another human being.

Reason #2. It Already Runs Your Life

You wake up one day and you know something doesn’t feel right. Maybe you took a new job, or maybe your spouse is not interesting to you anymore, maybe you’re feeling hungrier than normal or lazy around exercise. You might even feel like one more glass of red wine. There are so many signs to flag that something in your life is off purpose. You know it, they know it, your body knows it. At some level it’s conspicuous. But rarely to we think “oh, I’m off purpose.” Usually we say “I have a problem or they do at least.” When we can’t link something or someone to our purpose, we’ll sabotage them or ourselves until we find a link or find a new road. Much of this is intellectual gymnastics that could be avoided if we could articulate our purpose and work out the disengagement.

Reason #3. It Explains Why Some People Marry Us or We Marry Some People.

To the person who feels lost, without purpose, faking it in work or life, marriage becomes the solace of existence. Lost identity is lost purpose and as a remedy, people seek out a partner who looks and feels like they are on track in life. We find ourselves hitching our wagon to someone or having someone hitch their wagon to our life, with love, but motivated 1,000% by the desire for a purpose in life. This is referred to a co-dependency and it’s a nightmare. Although all this manifests itself in the subtle world it comes to life as control from the lost soul and desire to please from those on purpose. It’s what is called “torn heart.” When behaviour and vision are two different paths, when we do not walk our talk, our purpose is compromised. Don’t blame the spouse. Nobody does to us more than we do to ourselves.

Reason #4. It is the Absolute Essence of Resilience

I throw the “I” into this explanation. I’ve learnt allot from experience. Too much in fact. Too ignorant or wounded to be taught passively I elected to blaze a trail through life looking for answers. One is always tested with the question: “would you change anything if you lived your life over again?” and my honest answer is no. I love my journey. It’s made me the brilliant life coach that I am. But there’s another part of my brain that answers differently, yes. Yes, I would change some things. I would hurt less people in the process of learning. Of course, that’s an ignorant view. I can’t hurt people more than they hurt themselves and I also can’t claim credit for all the hurt in the world. That would be in defiance of all the universal awareness. But, there’s that monkey in my brain jumps up and rattles my holy principles now and again and in those moments I feel some regret. I get over it because, my purpose is greater than the satisfaction of the monkey in my brain. My purpose is greater than pleasure and pain, both my own and others.

Reason #5. It Cuts Through The Crap

Meditation, as taught in APP’s, Yoga classes and on the beach, makes people ill. It becomes an addiction, a religion, an escape and a way to handle stress. It was never meant to achieve such aims. It was also never meant to calm the nerves. The nerves were always calmed, strengthened, to enhance meditation. Big difference. Instead, living on purpose prepares an individual for all the real function of meditation which is manifestation. The ability to control thought and cause that thought to take form in reality is the single mission of all meditation and this takes a lifetime without the support of “living on purpose.” Living on purpose is in itself the primary preparation for meditation. It teaches nerve control, mind control, and body control that is the essential foundation of real meditation. Knowing and then living on purpose is the technique of preparation for meditation, changing form through thought, manifestation.

Reason #6. It Builds Wealth

Tomorrow you might wake up and say “I want a yacht.” and I’ve met some really fearful people who’ve built wealth enough to own a big yacht without knowing their purpose. But they never really own the yacht, they fear losing it or fear it being stolen because they worry about their wealth being diminished by its loss. Stress like this eats away at the human condition, robbing people of love, happiness, abundance and self-awareness. Blinded by a drive to build money, they remain poor for life in spite of having a massive bank and assets worth millions. I once worked with a man in poverty whose net worth was $billions. Real wealth is not earned. Real wealth is delivered to those who are worthy. Building self-worth on ego or identity is painful and poverty stricken, it reeks of desperation. It works but really, is that life? On purpose we feel absolute abundance, we attract wealth, success because there’s a purpose for it greater than ourselves. Hence, we are not limited by the ego or identity in measuring abundance, wealth then fills our life at the measure of service we deliver. It’s a beautiful simplicity.

Reason #7. We Become “UNFUCKWITHABLE”

In the book “the code of the extraordinary mind” the author brilliantly sells his cult, “happy valley” and from the testimonials of many I’ve met, gets into the hip pocket of most readers way beyond the content of the book. I hesitate to recommend it because it’s hard for all of us to say no to the delicious promises he makes about “easy money” and “easy love.” my clients can vouch for the fact that his mind science in the book is great but the real money winner out of the cult is him. With that caution, it’s worth reading. Unfuckwithable however can be achieved with purpose. Underneath all that transpires in my life I know, whether I “know” it or really “KNOW” it, I’m actually on purpose. And with that comes a deep awareness of the background to decisions I make. I’m not easily manipulated or tempted by marketing tricks or sensory games. I know my purpose, I become unfuckwithable.

Reason #8. LOVE

Love, at the most perfect level of life is simply balance. Support and Challenge are the two inseparable sides to love. All love is support and challenge and although support is what most define as love because it feels good, it isn’t. It simply feels good. Challenge is defined by most as the lack of love, and is avoided. Sometimes, challenge is the reason people leave a job or a relationship, or drink or fight. But support and challenge are the two wings on which love can fly. Support and challenge touch each other perfectly at the border of order and chaos in our life, the border, is the journey of purpose. Our purpose is neither pleasure or pain, it is both, perfectly fused together so they seem to be one in the same. Inseparable from each other, irrelevant. When one is motivated by pleasure or motivated by avoiding pain, life goes down hill, they vacillate between ego up and ego down, self-esteem. On purpose we are not motivated by self-esteem and its need for pleasure and pain as the driving force for life. We are motivated by purpose.


Many people want to know their purpose. We are all living it. And to know it is, as stated above, valuable. In coaching I may hesitate to deliver the direct answer to articulating purpose because for many, knowing it is simply deemed as another source of pleasure. The disciplines in life need to be in place for an articulated sense of Living on Purpose to really raise the roof. When the student is ready, articulation of purpose will appear…. or something like that.