Do you know the difference between pain and suffering

If i stuck a bamboo under your finger nails and said I was going to leave it there for say “24 hours” you’d be in incredible pain and would focus on surviving the 24 hours. But if I said “forever” when you asked how long, you would not focus on surviving. You’d be lost, and I would win.

Pain has an end. Suffering doesn’t. You must eliminate suffering from your life. Suffering causes you to surrender. if you think you’ll be married to an arsehole person for the rest of your days, it’s suffering, but if you say, “i”l be here for a few more years” you’ll be in pain, but relatively ok.

Suffering causes suicide but pain rarely does.

Suffering causes alcoholism and drug addiction and much worse.

Pain, well depending on tolerance levels, causes reaction and short term emotions, but rarely anything major.

In developing your team, family or even self, it’s crucial to point out that asking a questions that leads to an “i don’t know” answer, is, if repeated, the cause of suffering.

Please, if you can’t find the end game to your pain, upgrade your problem to the leaders.

If you can’t reconcile with the leaders, reconcile with the universe.

One way or another you need an end game to sort our all your suffering.

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