There is real science that supports the law of attraction. It is a metaphysical force akin to the force of gravity. Just as a gravitational pull exists between the sun and planets to hold them in continuous orbit, the law of attraction exists between a person’s beliefs and behaviors.

in a recent article, I discussed with you, the linkage between your values, your beliefs and your manifestation or expectation of life. Your beliefs are what dominate your powers of attraction. They coven the fourth law of nature, which is the law of vibration. Like attract like. We use this power in the process of manifestation. It has been given many names and the power of attraction is just one of them.

The gap between your dreams, your beliefs and your values becomes a crucial element of your personal development. For example, if you value strength, but believe that your greatest strength can be demonstrated in the domination of other people then your beliefs are corrupt, but your values are accurate. Sometimes you might even believe that being strong is bad, even though your values are to be strong. The dynamic between your beliefs and your values will eventually cause negativity if it is not aligned.

If you believe you are capable of achieving your dreams, you’re inspired to pursue those dreams. But if you believe you’re incapable, nothing will propel you to take action to achieve them. The law of attraction acts as a magnetic force between your dreams and the actions you must take to realize them. 

We do know from the universal laws that there are two sides to everything. There is balance. So when you believe that you can do something, there is another part of you, that will want to believe you cannot. Therefore, managing your mind and your emotion is not simply a matter of believing one thing, but it involves denying of its opposite. Denial does not suggest that the opposite is not true. But, we acknowledge the presence of the opposite, but deny ourselves the privilege of tuning into it. In the audio series success formula, we talk extensively about the fork in the road, visualising the stop sign on the negative path and taking the positive thought. The naive individual will try to take the positive path, assuming that the negative does not exist and therefore under the pressure of reality fail.

Psychologist Carol Dweck found that students with a growth mindset – that is, those who believe in their ability to change and learn new things – accomplished higher grade point averages than those with a fixed mindset. What she is talking about is single-mindedness and a focus on goals and purpose.

Another scientific principle, known as “mirror neurons,” occurs when our brains mirror the actions we observe other people taking so that we feel as though we are doing the same thing. If we surround ourselves with successful people and positivity, our brains will mirror them, cultivating positive habits and success in our own lives. This is called positive reinforcement and anybody who has set a goal and achieved it, knows that there is very little more important than the self talk of positive reinforcement and we have covered that also under that topic of self talk.

Brain imaging has also shown that the areas of the brain involved in intention and action are closely connected. When you focus on something continuously, something magical happens. When you activate your brain to achieve your goals, the intention behind that activity is activated. When asking “Does using the law of attraction work?” there is strong scientific evidence that points to a definitive yes.

Mine, now you will have realised that there is a cone of consciousness, which means that at the bottom of the cone there is the bipolar mindset of extremity and extreme righteousness. Many people mistake, extreme righteousness with the power of attraction and gratitude. This is not the case. This is very low, conscious thinking and will cause as much damage as it does support. Remember, the most important law is the law of balance in your life. Any polarise thought will generate its opposite. A polarised thought is a lopsided emotion, and any person who listens to, and follows, their emotions will experience their opposite. So in single-minded, focus and mindfulness around manifestation, we are not being polarised. This is a very important distinction in the law of manifestation and the law of attraction.


Manifestation is a concept comprised of Seven parts. When you put these components into practice every day, you develop a set of habits that puts the law of attraction into motion.


Manifestation works by focusing your awareness on your deepest values and goals. The highest of which is your life purpose. If you waver in what you want, it’s easy to become distracted from pursuing it.


Like gravity, there’s nothing you can do to overcome the law of attraction. It’s just too strong. So why not embrace it as fact? When you remove doubt from the picture, you’re able to focus on attaining what you really want.


More than just positive words spoken into the atmosphere, PAC’s require you to embody the meaning behind the words. They make you use the energy of your mind and your body. When you combine the power of these two energies, you increase the power behind the law of attraction.


Setting your sights on a goal you really want is your first step in learning how to use the law of attraction. Use the SMART Acronym to make it real.


Developing focus is critical for implementing the law of attraction. As you cultivate your focus, your desires become more tangible. We have spoken about Build, store, stop loss and directing energy


Belief supports every choice you make, from your relationships to your career. When you truly believe something is possible, nothing will get in your way of pursuing it.


When it comes to learning how to manifest what you want, your mindset is everything. Having an attitude of gratitude puts you in a place of greater self-awareness. You’re able to see your circumstances more clearly, including how the law of attraction may have already achieved outcomes you hadn’t noticed. Appreciate what you’ve got the way that you’ve got it before you beg for what you want.