The true power of the human spirit is harmonious, interconnected and very much alive.

Many years ago, especially in the East, people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and the human happiness were considered one. What happened outside of us, happened within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch. Concrete has replaced trees, paint has replaced grass and billboards advise us rather than the deeper sentiments of our own intuition. As our culture evolves into the future, we see the signs of how our world and it’s people will suffer the separation from nature. As the pace speeds up, pharmaceuticals replace integrity, righteousness replaces kindness. We will suffer more and more from the separation from working with the land. We must try to reconnect, to understanding her (natures) rhythm and acknowledge the world of nature for her sustenance. As we modernize, we seem to move away from harmony with nature, this breeds disrespect but worst of all, we become disconnected from her teachings. This work, Chris Walker Innerwealth Inspired by Nature Coaching is about the opportunity to re connect with the harmony of nature and in so doing reconnect with what is natural within us. The true power of the human spirit is harmonious, interconnected and very much alive.

A rhythm exists in the deepest levels of our being. The person who attunes themselves both externally and internally to what is natural, will possess an insight to the essence of the whole universe. Then, what small thing could disturb them? Would they be rattle by Covid? Would they be rattled by real estate prices? Would they be turmoiled by a breach in digital security? No.

This harmony, this rhythm, is a capacity in an individual, but it could also change the world. Great composers, artists and inventor’s have always had the capacity to be inspired by nature and use this to cut past the surface and dwell, even for moments at the depth of what is magnificent, natural.

Every person in the world can train themselves to depend on themselves as much as possible. Societies are based on interdependence of people and this is healthy; but in this interdependence there is also a dire need to be self aware, self driven and self conscious.

Self awareness, is a trait that has not been cultivated in our society, religion and self-help guru’s have made the path muddy. And this confusion, disappointment, frustration for some, is considered a natural part of life. But it is not.

To be self-aware is as important as to be generous. One makes you strong and the other makes you human. It is much easier to be generous if you are not so selfish that it is no problem to be generous.

Generosity from a minimal place is hypothetical.

It is therefore in your true nature to cultivate self-awareness. Make yourself a power in your day, if not in the world. Workout your own destiny. Be an architect of your own life on earth first. Learn self-reliance. Keep wholly within bounds of right dealings with all others, and then you will be able to show a generosity with the things self-fullness has accumulated.

You cannot give what you haven’t got.

Be really careful of terminology.

Many teachers and books preach that the ultimate end of your self-awareness is a calm and beautiful peace. The reply to this belief is the assault the nature makes on peaceful people. Inactivity, and the calm of peace, leads to weakness and death, sickness and disease. Illness is caused by inactivity, not the excess of activity.

This is Nature. I am pleased to present it to you.