00:28 Goodday Chris Walker. True success is a happy issue. So to be very successful, one must prosper from it. Now, that would seem logical, but apparent success, on the other hand, may be false because it’s not favorable to the individual. 00:47 It doesn’t make the successful person either happy or prosperous. It’s therefore usually cosmetic to impress. Thus, success may be incidental or permanent and can be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and material Incidental success is always selfish. 01:12 Success. It based itself on the ego, it’s self orientated, and it repels energy and it repels resources. Permanent success is a combination of selfish and other success. 01:31 It’s based on an intent to improve the wellbeing of others and demands the wellbeing of self to execute it. This is a powerful, attractive force in the universe. 01:46 Many people try to imitate permanent success with words of mission statements or vision statements for their business or themselves. But when you meet this person privately, most of their ambition is about themselves, their happiness, their own wealth, their own conditions, and therefore, you can tell 02:10 they are making it up to build a business, to build a life. Seduction is an unsustainable process. Success is therefore defined as an achievement of the best interest of self and others. 02:30 There are seven areas of life, seven areas of success, and one chooses which of the seven areas they wish to focus on. 02:40 And they choose that by working out what is their highest value. Let’s talk now a little bit about achievements. Achievements, which is the sense that you are being successful, are limited by five things. 02:59 Your endowments. In other words, what you’re born with, your assets, your gifts, your talents, your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities, the circumstances you find yourself in And the the circumstances you construct for yourself, your environment, country. 03:21 You’re born in culture, you’re born into family, you’re born into circumstances you live in, neighborhoods you live in, et cetera, et cetera. 03:33 Relations to life. It’s important here to realize that relations to life include family, partner, friends, children, and the quality of that’s not always in the control of the individual. 03:46 Sometimes we have to move, but high levels of relations to life impact, success. And last but not least, a person’s imagination, interpretation, and expectation of the future. 04:05 Success does not always meet expectations, but the person who has improved any of those limitations will feel and deem themselves therefore, in their own mind, their own consciousness as being successful, succeeding. 04:26 One solid fact, a person pulls out the best version of themselves in striving for success. Even if that involves being hurt, being depressed, being sad, losing things, success is considered worthy of those costs, and nobody who succeeds has not experienced some, if not all of them. 04:53 So the golden questions of success. Are you using all your personal powers to achieve your success? Are you seizing every opportunity? 05:03 Are you really trying to fill your relations in life to the maximum? Are you endeavoring to adapt to your environment? 05:11 And is each day a prophecy of future, you imagine? Is each day a prophecy of the future? You imagine The things to avoid that are the death null of success are the comfort zone learned helplessness, people who can’t or won’t change. 05:36 And the third, the path of least resistance. People who are always looking for the easy way to success. So the proposition for success fill the place in life for which you are best fitted, fill and persistent effort to find that place, persistent determination to make the best of the present. 06:07 The third one, every human has an equal entitlement to success by nature, success is not a gift nor a concession given to favorites of the universe of God’s people who are good or obey the good book. 06:25 Success is a universal right? Therefore, every being has an inalienable right to good health, mental power, moral character, financial gain, friendships, position, honor, happiness to a prosperous future. 06:43 And that is the striving that makes a person define themselves as a success. They have an inable, right? And so the final piece of this video, the secret to success, is drum roll, the overcoming of obstacles, the overcoming of obstacles, of limitation in endowment, limitation in opportunities, limitation 07:16 in environment, limitation in relations to life, and limitation in their aspiration for the future. This is Chris. You have a beautiful day. 07:25 Bye for now.