I do not recall one day, nor one moment in a day where Chris wouldn’t be cheeky and playful and turn everything and every situation into a wise fun moment to be in.

If you know Chris, you are lucky. There is never a sad moment, or a missed chance to laugh and smile. He turns every minute of his and everyone’s life into a moment to live with a smile on your dial.

I saw him around my 2 kids and I can truely see 3 of them when they re playing together. Yet, I feel the safety, the wisdom and the love he is carrying through his parental role. 

That energy and inner playful spirit he’s got – he brings it with his every moves – with kids, with clients, with neighbours, with his lover, with nature and most of all, with himself.

Being playful is part of living in love for love and with nature.

Thank you for teaching it to my very own children by living it, this is something they will keep for their all life.

like it is the first time

He has an ability to make you feel loved and secure every single day and every single time he touch you. either by skin, by words, by a simple look. he is special is the way that nothing is ever a repetition it is a beautiful love strong and real that he gives to everyone he meets. 

Chris live and give love with magic. everyday is like it is the first time .

balanced-centred- calm

You have this extremely inspiring ability to enter this calm relaxing space which you use for recovery and rest. when i find you there, i first slip into it for a few second then i realise by entering it, i have also altered it. 

You are this amazingly talented man able to move from one space to another in a fraction of second, give your mind and body what it needs to start the next lap, and i admire it so much.

Chris walker, the guru of entering unique space.

Story re-teller:

never take a story for what it is. re making them, whether to smile, cry, laugh, but to make you believe you’re living the life you dream. to make you proud and joyful about your path. chris’s expertise to retell stories so that you can live love life a million times a day.