“Thousands of years of wisdom distilled through 35 years of trial and error”

Hi there. I’m Chris Walker from Inner Wealth Sydney, your personal guide to unlocking your true potential. With over three decades of experience in coaching, I’ve helped countless individuals just like you transform their lives by tapping into their inner strengths. By embracing a holistic approach. We’ll focus on aligning your heart, mind and spirit to create lasting change. I’m here to support you on this journey, offering you a unique blend of motivation, inspiration, and genuine care. So let’s embark on this path together and awaken the extraordinary within you.

Australia’s Spiritual Realist.

In the area of love, relationship and human spirituality, I am well known and respected for the work I’ve done around the world.

For more than 35 years, I’ve focused solely on helping people, families, communities and organisations reshape their personal lifestyle to embrace a more loving, peaceful and happy way of life.

My messages of authenticity, appreciation, and love are very powerful, backed by the universal laws of nature. They have helped transform and create startling change in thousands of organisations, and millions of individuals worldwide. 

My Aussie style and tough love approach to real life challenges people’s perception and provokes audiences to connect to their heart.

With my love and connection to all that is natural, plus a provocative technique and authority over my work, I time and again compel my clients to think different, act different and be different. My desire to break the mould, step out as a real person and own the space as one of the most controversial personal development coaches and speakers of our time changes the world starting with the individual. 

You may know me better from my corporate work.

I challenge business people throughout the world to reconsider the human equation in business, to look more authentically at the whole individual, and for individuals to look more authentically at their work – life balance. I published Innerwealth, putting the heart and soul back into business as a part of this mission of bringing deeper and more holistic human awareness to the workplace. 

But my background is not limited to the business world.

My strength as a coach/change agent and speaker comes from the diversity and seeing contradictions of my own life. My real credentials include a lifetime of turning challenges to success. Starting from an alcoholic and violent home I went on to self fund my own university education and start a successful entrepreneurial career. From the disaster of a marriage breakdown and disastrous journey through a divorce from my first wife and three children to a magnificent loving relationship with my soul mate. From street thug and car thief to a long time friend of monks in monasteries high in the Nepal Himalayas. From bruised and broken football player to adept yogi. 

I’m also a prolific writer which, for a “dyslexic moron,” as his high school teacher referred to me, is quite some surprise. I’ve written over 30 books and I still hasn’t read my first one. I’ve also made a profound influence through my extensive work with indigenous people in Canada, during which time I had a gun pointed to my head, had my life threatened more than once and was run out of town by some radical activists. I credits this ten year long experience working with indigenous people in Canada, to one of the greatest transformations in my own life.

My last book, “Sacred Love, The honeymoon that lasts forever” will inspire those who are ready to change the way they perceive relationships. For those wanting the honeymoon to last, for those wanting to enjoy the fruits of their work rather than pay the price of their personal life. I’m fighting an  epidemic of, “busy-ness” that is sweeping the world and killing relationships everywhere.

My energy and love for this mission travels still further through mediums such as television, print, radio and newspaper interviews. My web site is as open as possible to offer help to those who have attended one of my presentations and might be struggling to keep up in their work and life relationships. The web offers introductory advice to those who are looking for something different. “The honey-mood can last forever, you just have to know how”

I am the founder of Innerwealth Consulting, and Back on Track. A leadership coaching program aimed to impart the principles of good, heart driven, balanced and conscious leadership to people throughout the world.

I’m also a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian, working to help the people and children of Nepal live the life they deserve while preserving the sanctuary of this great Himalayan paradise. 

My global work is understated yet committed. I value my contributions to Nepal in support of monasteries and under privileged children continues as it has, for over 30 years. 

I coach sports stars, athletes, CEO’s, Mothers with new babies, youth at risk, entrepreneurs, couples looking to repair a broken home. I don’t make my achievements public, but my intent is clear and valued in supporting the individual happiness of my clients.

My Motto – Changing the world One heart at a time. 

When I’m not speaking, coaching or writing, you’ll find me swimming Bondi Beach, taking photographs out in nature, riding my road bike on the Southern Highlands or helping clients on their own journey up into the high Himalayas. 

I believe in the power of love, I’m on a mission of reality, to share natures law, to teach the world that, love, contentment and happiness come, when we stop and really think inspired, which is the only antidote to that global epidemic of Busy-Ness. I’m an inspired person, lucky enough to find my purpose and be driven to create a global change, and for me, this begins at home.