It's easy to criticise people and especially to criticise ourselves. When we study the science of life and balance we come to the conclusion that any aspect of life that is causing us trouble diminishes our chances of achieving success in the one and the highest value we have in life. Hence, many relationships that … Continue reading SUCCESS AND BALANCE IN LIFE VIDEO


Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, this is Chris. And today we're going to discuss why the universe wants your success more than you do. This is a really important component of the work given that we work on from, where to go in a wealth on the universal laws of nature, trying to … Continue reading THE UNIVERSAL LAWS OF SUCCESS – VIDEO

Video Come Fly With Me Video

This video has all components of frustration reduction and turning up at work and putting in 100% effort. The theme is come fly with me and it's broken down into three different component parts the first is know your destination the second is know yourself which is prepare for take off and the third is … Continue reading Video Come Fly With Me Video

Why Coaching Is An Essential Part of Success

KEY BENEFITS OF LIFE COACHING GAIN CLARITY IN YOUR PURPOSE Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life next year.  BECOME A MORE EFFECTIVE LEADER  Gain new tools and confidence to breakthrough limitations, and skills to inspire and empower others.  ACHIEVE YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS Renew your … Continue reading Why Coaching Is An Essential Part of Success

THE WALKACHI DAILY CHEAT SHEET TRANSCRIPT 00:00 Good day folks. And today I promise that I would deliver some instructions as to how to fill, fill out the walk GE Daily Journal and here they are, fourth attempt at this recording, by the way, having a lot of technical problems today.00:16 But here we are. I filled out the … Continue reading THE WALKACHI DAILY CHEAT SHEET


xtremeskillsselfleadershipreport-copyDownload There was a music teacher in New York who specialised in teaching young children. She would give them a Bach concerto, on the first lesson, and treat them as if they were prodigy. The children cried with frustration. But she demanded they try. After 10 weeks she would ask them to play something really … Continue reading SELF LEADERSHIP

Inspired VIDEO Today we're working on motivation or inspiration. I guess this is a really important thing because when we talk about vision, inspiration, and purpose, we get the middle word is inspiration. We get the option of choosing motivation or inspiration, and are they all that different? Let's have a look. Let's move through here. … Continue reading Inspired VIDEO


manifestation-formulaDownload Now it comes time to put it all together. You know about self talk, you've written your vision, you know about your purpose, do you understand the importance of thought focus and not being distracted by judgements and emotions, do you know about gratitude, do you understand the back on track process and therefore … Continue reading MANIFESTATION FORMULA


chris-walker-the-nature-of-team-leadershipDownload We are now coming to the pointy end of your 30 day challenge and it really is important to understand how you can integrate self leadership into your leadership style. What I have done here is used my Himalayan tracking experiences to give you some examples of how you can utilise the universal laws … Continue reading THE NATURE OF TEAM LEADERSHIP


chris-walker-you-self-leadership-and-teamworkDownload Throughout this booklet there are blank pages or questions that give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and see how you've progressed. The questions are not soul-searching. There is a table which offices use the opportunity to look at your current teamwork and if this is not appropriate you can look at your … Continue reading EVOLVE OR DIE


chris-walker-nature-is-your-heritageDownload In the entire universe, which I hope your interest has been gained, in exploring viewpoint and big-game perspective, there are five universal principles that govern everything. During the past 20 days I have attempted to demonstrate the application of these principles to your energy and therefore your longevity. You will know by now that … Continue reading PERFORMANCE