1. Congruency – Aligning with Purpose

Many years ago people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness.  I help you regain that alignment.

3. Mind/heart unity

Harmony with nature comes from within. Your life and work can become in tune with nature. Nature is surrounding you every moment and you can witness her beauty in every breath. It can heal you, help you grow, inspire you.

5. Living an inspired life – life purpose

An inspired person remains balanced. Their life is balance. They are never one-sided, they never make a stand, they are never righteous because they understand that everything in this world is built in duality and therefore to stand on one side or the other breeds imbalance

2. Bridging the gap between inner fulfilment and outer desires

As our culture evolves into this current era, we suffer the separation from having worked with the land, understanding nature’s rhythm and a dependency on nature for her sustenance. As a result you will be at ease at ease with the universe, at home, in relationship and the many things that follow. 

4. Engaging the Will

Working with 100% Heart means to find your Willpower. To hold that as centre no matter whether you are thinking in the head or feeling in the heart, the centre stays strong. That means achieving great inspiration but still having a firm grip on reality, grounded. That Willpower centre is never missing.

Takeaway Assets

Helicopter Mindset

Ever looked out the window of an aeroplane and marvelled at the earth below? The woes of those down there seem irrelevant while looking from a distance. This, overview effect is how we work and operate with non stress causing engaged detachment. I’ll show you how.

Pig Poo Boot Cleaning

Once, one of my contracts was to upgrade the global competitive strategy for a piggery. One of the largest. From field to fork, this operation was amazing, albeit a little sad for the pigs. At the end of my day on site I’d remove the disgusting poo covered boots and shower. In white collar environment we need to do the same before we go home. I’ll show you a skill.

Power Hour

Prevention is always cheaper and better than cure. Experience is a terrible and expensive way to learn. Instead, learn from mine. The power hour grows you daily and prevents the calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances that grow most people. The most expensive seminar on earth is a hospital bed. My way, in all areas of life is better. The power hour.

Lead or Manage

The difference must be like chalk and cheese. You will build your self respect with one and diminish it with the other. Are you clear on the difference and why it matters? This is an essential step in self-leadership. I’ll show you how to recognise the difference and morph it.


Depression, stress, relationship, family, kids problems, ADD, anxiety, anger and immune breakdown are all prevented by three words, Vision, Inspiration and Purpose. Hard to believe I know, but that’s just going to be your experience, one you’ll understand once you live it. I’ll show you.

Beyond Attitude Sickness

Gratitude is a key to good living. Everything comes back to gratitude. But can you get past the Oprah version of toe in the water gratitude and hold it no matter what? A gratitude that is resilient doesn’t matter whether the sun rises in the West or East. Gratitude attitude or Attitude sickness is a skill of A. Recognising the difference and B. Adapting. I’ll show you how.

Success Formula

Success is not an accident. There’s a quite mathematical process for it. Yes, it requires hard skills, like knowing what you are talking about, but it is 90% about soft skills. Things like mindset, communication, resilience, leadership. I’ll show you a formula you can use for a lifetime of success. A step by step check list to put you on track and keep you there.

Motivate or Inspire

2,500 years ago, the notion of individual inspiration was banned and the concept of motivation was born. How to make you do what I want you to do or believe, that’s motivation and everyone who plays in that world must be a victim. Not so, inspiration and it’s not lost, just unusual and certainly essential for success.

Unique Features

Be Happier

In life we need someone to listen to our stories and someone who doesn’t, someone to challenge us so life doesn’t have to. That’s my coaching.

Do it Faster

Planning and preparing the future is the most significant adaptation one can make through vision setting, goal targets and accountability.

Get Better

Guiding you through frustrations fast is one of the most important aspects of coaching because this alone helps you turn up at home and at work, 110%. Everyday

Do it Faster

I save you ego smashing calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances, experiences, I’ve done my job, and, I’m sure, I’ll save you many.


Choose your Focus

One area of life or all areas, you choose the focus of the coaching on a daily or weekly basis.

Choose your Priority

People who work on low priorities sabotage their self worth. Lets work out your values and make wise choices.

Choose your Frequency

We recommend twice a week for 30 days and then see how you go, maybe another 30 days or a lifetime.

Choose your format

Face to face, online, or in a group this program is absolutely transformative. Change one, change all.

Case Studies

Case Study A

……. was employed by a major bank but had missed out on promotion in title and wages three years in a row. Basically it sealed his fate. This had affected his home life and finances too. He wanted change, and more importantly he needed it. With Innerwealth Coaching we uncovered his strengths and weaknesses, rebuilt his self worth and within 2 years had doubled his previous income and had the career he was dreaming. ew more

Case Study B

……. was in a marriage with a verbally and emotionally abusive man who had numerous affairs and drank to excess. Her work was suffering and her employer referred her to me. She had two young children and was working her butt off to keep it all together. We built a low cost high efficiency team around her while I helped process the damage and recovery of mental and emotional strength.


I have been working with Chris for over two years now. After having made a large change to our business, I was looking for a personal coach outside of the organization who I could feel comfortable with to bounce ideas and challenges off. As a leader of an organisation going through a massive change, I found it…

….. Macquarie Bank

Recently a team member asked me how was it possible for me to do all my training, be a full time single mum, work full time and I don’t look stressed. And i thought straight away about you, Chris, I needed to tell you thank you again, thank you today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever, for appearing in…

…… Foxtel

Let’s build something great together.