Certainty, Clarity, Beyond Doubt Leadership #1


Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. Today I’m gonna talk to you about a video we are creating here called Clarity, Certainty of Doubt. What are the hidden secrets of great leadership? Well, we’re gonna go through these. These are a difference between clarity, difference between doubt and certainty, and how can we build these differences? We know for a couple of facts, we know there’s so much chaos comes to a leader’s mind. There’s family life, there’s social life, there’s finances, there’s career, there’s health, there’s relationships, and there’s spirituality. And we get promises of nirvana. A place where no stress will be, no problems, will be, and where we’ll be happy ever after. But it’s more like going through a minefield, minefield of lava. And so I’m gonna take you through the minefield of lava with three elements. The first one is having a big vision. Now we need three in order to to survive. But the first one and foremost is to have a vision that’s clear. There’s gotta be something in our lives that we depend on, something that we hold onto and something that’s without compromise. And the first thing we must learn is not to compromise our vision of the future. The second one is inspiration, where we learn how to compromise. And in that compromisation of the inspiration, the power of now, we learn to adapt. And last one at least is a reason greater than ourselves to be where we are. A purpose, something to do, something to love, something beyond ourselves. Now we know that everyone dances to the same rhythm. We know that all people dance to the same song, but it’s really hard to individualize that. So we’re gonna slow the music down to work out how we can individualize the idea that everybody is the same but different. We’re all unique <laugh>. We ly simplify the complex. And that’s the work of inner world. And I like to talk to you about that today. Simplifying the complex. And where we’re gonna start is the simple topic, which as a leader must have in the world of confusion and complexity is the word clarity. And I’m gonna take you through that in the next video. Life for now.