Emotional Shower on Doubt


An emotional shower on doubt, I think it’s pretty important thing to do. So let’s have a look at it. Firstly, we need the four columns, the positive, the negative of the positive, the negative, and the positive of the negative. And let’s go through these. Let’s do them one row at a time. We’ll do the first one, which the first positive of doubt is that it opens people up. So when you have doubt, you become more open to new learnings. The negative of becoming open is it makes you feel weak and it makes you vulnerable. The negative of doubt we’re gonna do now is the, it causes inaction. When we have doubt, we don’t do anything. But the positive of that, as we’ve become quite conservative, and as you well know in property investment or share market, a conservative person who’s usually the one that makes the most money, the next positive is that it challenges us. When we have doubt, we get challenge to go and find what can change that doubt into something more affirmative. So it challenges us to learn. The negative of that is, of course, we get confused and we don’t really know what we’re doing anymore. So the negative is it makes it procrastinate. Doubt makes people just not do anything. But the positive of that is they become very considered in whatever they do. Very similar to inaction, very similar to the conservative approach. But being a considered person means you think very deeply before you jump. The next one, the positive of doubt, It makes you explore, it makes you explore information, makes you explore yourself. In fact, doubt is one of the greatest drivers of self growth. The negative that is, as we do become doubtful and we do start to explore, we just don’t become present. We, we are lost in the quest to find ourselves. And so we’re in either fear of the future or guilt of the past. The negative of doubt would be that it puts people to hibernate somewhere around their comfort zone because they doubt anything outside it. The positive of being in a comfort zone is nothing gained, nothing lost, but also nothing risked, nothing lost. So comfort zones are very good for those who wish to make a lot of profit. Again, the positive of doubt is it makes us question things. The negative of that is we’ve become stressed, highly stressed, because when we start questioning things, there’s no foundation for us to know what we want to do. The negative in this case of doubt can be, it makes people hardheaded. So in other words, when people are doubtful, they put on a mask, they become quite rigid to overcome that doubt. And the positive of that negative that hardheadedness is resilience because a lot of people get through a lot of life using hardheadedness to muscle their way through challenge. The positive of doubt is it makes us withdraw the a negative of that is it grows fear. So the more we withdraw from life, the more our fears expand, and that makes us withdraw even further. So it’s an, it’s sort of what do you call it, a self-fulfilling prophecy. The negative can be now that when we have doubt, we refuse to be or refuse to be elected. As a a leader, nobody follows a doubtful person. And the benefit of not being a leader is you get freedom. A player, somebody who’s free to go and do what they want because they’re not leading anybody and nobody wants to follow them. The positive of doubt is you get you always get educated, learn new learnings. The negative of learnings is you’re always vulnerable to b******t. The negative of doubt is you feel insecure. The positive of feeling insecure is that you people please, and the people that you please are really pleased that you, people please, especially your spouse. The positive of doubt is, again, it drives people to search for wisdom in a, in order to overcome the doubt. The negative of that is they become addicted to certain things such as a philosophy or a religion or a, or a guru or something of the sort. They become addicted to things because in the search for wisdom, it’s very easy to attach. And the purpose of wisdom is to teach us not to attach to wisdom, but attach to the path of wisdom. Gaining the negative is insomnia of doubt that it keeps people awake at night. But the benefit of insomnia is that YouTube, Netflix and the rest of the gang make a huge profit, and those people who stay up late at night are actually one of the profit tier driving mechanisms for the online social media. The positive of doubt is people have to use their intuition. The negative of that is intuition is such a vague quality. We often don’t know whether it’s fear, emotion, or doubt or intuition that’s driving us. And so unless a person is committed to all the process that go hand in hand with intuition, it’s very unlikely that they’re actually listening to their intuition itself. So it’s very vague. The negative of doubt can be worry. A person who has doubt worries a lot. And the benefit of worry to the world is it people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. In other words, a doubting person will worry a lot and that worry means they’re carrying responsibility for the entire team rather than just for themselves. A collabo, a positive of doubt causes people to collaborate in groups, which is all good. The problem with collaboration is it breeds co dependency on others. The negative of doubt is it makes people suspicious. The positive of being a very suspicious person is you become a good consultant, a student, the positive of doubt makes a person a good student. The negative being a good student is a good student remains a good student for the entire of their life, and doesn’t actually balance the learning with the leadership. So it can addict make a person addicted to self-help, addicted to yoga, addicted to self growth, but forget to teach along the way, pass it forward, the negative doubt, lack of trust in others, and that’s definitely one of the big ones with doubt. People don’t trust other people. And the benefit of that is that people become more self-reliant because they don’t trust others. Doubt leads a person to do more exercise, more training, more whatever they doubt they try to do more practice in order to get better at it. And the negative of that is they can spend a lot of time in training, a lot of time in self-development and do nothing with it. They spend their entire time in the training phase. Lack of self trust is a negative of doubt, and the benefit of that is it makes people dependent on others, which for others is very good. The positive of doubt is people spend a lot of time preparing and that’s a really good thing. The negative of that is they fear the competition and they don’t ever actually don’t spend as much joy or energy out there actually doing it. They spend most of their time preparing for it. Self obsessive is a negative of doubt, and the benefit of that is people who are self obsessed usually become quite attractive to others because the person who are self obsessed is spending a lot of time making themselves either look, smell, taste, feel touch. Good high standards is a positive of doubt. The negative of setting high standards is that the person becomes dissatisfied or insatiable and that they become what’s called high maintenance. Narcissistic is a negative of doubt. Doubt is one of the greatest driving forces of a person becoming narcissistic cuz they’re trying to reconcile, trying to resolve, trying to find ground zero. And so they’re spending a lot of time worrying about themselves, their thoughts, their worries, their doubts, their, their insecurities. The positive of an ins of a narcissistic person is they become brilliant at helping others because a narcissistic person wants to change everybody to meet their own expectation. Inventive is a positive of doubt because people try to invent ways to get around it. And the, the negative of it being inventive is we waste a lot of time that is unnecessary. Trying to get around something we don’t have to get around the negative of doubt, again, is aggressive. Doubt breeds huge amount of aggressive behavior in the world because with that insecurity inside, people try to create security outside and they overcook the goose by becoming assertive. The benefit of aggression is it, it challenges those who already confident. In other words, everybody grows at the border of support and challenge. Confident people quite often remain unchallenged and a doubtful person and their aggressive behavior towards others will often cause those who are even confident to be challenged. Last couple. The positive of a of doubt is it it breeds renegades. It beats the anti-social antisystem individual. But the problem with that, it creates an incredible degree of isolation and loneliness. The negative of doubt is again, that a doubtful people become a really, really big bullies. And the benefit of bullying is it breeds doubt in others. And so they get all the benefits we’ve just mentioned in the positive column of doubt in itself. It makes them great learners, makes them great students, makes them great explorers, et cetera. The positive, the last one, the positive of doubt is not settled for the status quo. So a doubtful person will not accept what everybody else accepts as a status quo. So they become an inventor or they become someone who’s looking for some another way of doing the same thing. The negative of that is that this person who doesn’t accept the status quo is always troubled in their life. The negative of doubt is that person becomes abusive and no greater truth is there, that the abusive individual is a doubt for one. And the benefit of abuse is it leads another person to get beyond doubt through the reconciliation of the abuse. This is Chris. You have a great day. And don’t forget, emotional showers on any topic will lead you to a state of great wisdom and truth by for now.