From time to time you think you’re missing something. It’s a terrible feeling. I sinking feeling in your stomach. It hurts. But it doesn’t have to. The perception that something is missing defies everything about nature. In nature nothing is ever missing it just changes form. We can, become attached to the form and say something is missing. But the person who learns to be conscious in the world realises that nothing can be missing as long as they are willing to accept a different form. Attachment is a terrible thing and causes excruciating emotional pain but it doesn’t have to. In this tool kit for the soul, I’ve described a process that looks on the surface to be very simple, but when you’re in a state of grief it is very complicated. So you may need to practice between performances have a couple of tries at it before you really need it. If you really are in trouble with grief, missing something or somebody, best you give us a call and I’ll help you through in a professional way. With love and wisdom, Chris.