Ebook – Entrepreneurial Spirit

The spirit of the entrepreneur

There are many people who might ask, what is entrepreneurial spirit? Those are people who have never led a sports team, created a brochure, run a business, a family or stood
in front of an audience. For the vast major- ity of people, entrepreneurial spirit is an ideal to be read about in great leaders of the past, admired in successful hero’s, or debated as to the “moral goodness” of others. So, this book is not for those who want to watch from the sidelines. Entrepreneurial spirit is for those who have the courage to think for themselves, act out of courage, to follow their heart and live for the moment.

It means sustaining the struggle and being committed when times are tough. It means getting up again and again. It means taking the blame when you don’t deserve it. Entrepreneurial spirit means being responsible for your life. Stepping outside mass conscious- ness and comfort of a “normal job”. So this little book is for those courageous individuals who have chosen to follow their own star. The mission? To use, give, share the gifts, talents, blessings we were born with, and die empty. To give and therefore leave an impact on this earth, worthy of a life.

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