Stillness Report Chris Walker.pdf

Have you experience days when your head goes faster than your feet or when all the fun, happiness and reason for working so hard seem to evaporate? If so, you are experiencing just some of the overwhelming consequences of Spin – days when your head is going too fast even to slow down for a break. !

Add to this, sleepless nights, worry, anxiety and you’ll be starting to understand the huge cost of Spin in the world today. Translating this Spin into our relationships and it’s easy to understand why people struggle to stay happy at home. !

This report will help you 110% STOP that spin, anywhere, anytime.!

Spin causes pain. It affects our ability to love, to concentrate, to laugh and it infects those around us so, getting it under control will make a huge difference.!

Some people stop spin by slowing down, backing off and becoming moderated in their work and life. They end up addicted to escapism which, because it’s boring, defeats the very purpose of life. Slowing down, as you will see in this report causes an acceleration of Spin.!

Others use one of the four substitutes to stop the spin: Food (including alcohol and substances), Greed, Sex and Spirituality. Those in turn can easily become addictive and life inspired.!

By learning to 110% STOP you’re going to cut through myths that keep people chasing their tails, you’ll generate new ideas, slice through intellectual mind stuff that accumulates in our ego as part of a busy business life. 110% STOP is about authentic ways to live a balanced, happy life.!

We will show you the skills to sustain a good attitude even if those people around you are spinning. So this is not just about your current circumstances and how to maintain a great healthy relationship, but also about how to deal with parents, ex-partners, friends and work stuff that, in any way might be affecting your performance in life right now.!

This book is written for anybody who wants the best out of life. Spin drops the quality of life, quality of relationship and quality of work down and down until, at rock bottom it can become survival. We’re going to make sure that never happens again.!

Learning to 110% Stop is a fight against mediocrity. Nobody wants mediocre. A mediocre job, a mediocre relationship, mediocre health – it’s so depressing just mentioning it. So, if you are like us, you’ll want to enjoy life – take charge of your experience in life – and like a great skier, if you don’t know how to 110% Stop you can’t begin to 110% Go.!

Backing off is not the answer.

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