Good day guys. Today I want to talk to you about your vision quest and present to you. Some of the really interesting way to understand what’s going on.
And that is to understand the four perennial questions of a vision quest. The four questions are, why am I here?
Where am I going? Who am I? And where do I come from? And most interesting thing about these four questions is they all must expand at the same rate.
So when you answer, where am I going? Where do I come from? Why am I here? And who am I?
The, the, the answers to the questions are absolutely interconnected. And when you expand one of the answers to say, where am I going in a bigger sense, you have to answer the question where I come from in a bigger sense.
And why am I here in the biggest sense and who am I? And so the process of doing a vision quest each time is to expand all four answers.
And these four questions exist inside every human being on a planet. If you’re talking about human nature, you’re trying to understand human nature.
And you’re trying to understand the quest of individuals. You’re trying to understand why people do what they do and why they don’t do what they do.
These are the four questions and understanding what these four questions are today is your homework for the vision quest. So we go, why are you here?
Well, the child might answer the question. Why am I here to get something from the fridge? And the teenager might say, I don’t know.
And the 21 year old, so to save the planet and become call it in a fantasy and you can read this text later on.
I’m not going to read it all out to you, but the, the question of why you’re here is the foundation fundamental question that needs to be answered before you say, why am I, where am I going?
And where do I come from? And who am I? But again, that all four questions are interconnected. The second question, where am I going?
Which is what’s my future, where where’s, the destiny is very limited by why am I here? So the two questions are intrinsically connected and very important for you to understand that the third question is who am I?
And look, nothing causes people more distress than the, who am I? Who am I? Because we associate that. We say, who am I?
I’m the father of children, or who am I? I’m the partner of so-and-so or who am I on the owner of a car?
Or who am I? And these are, these are things that block the expansion of the circle and the rings of frustra.
And they block the expansion of the tree. And you know what happens when a tree doesn’t grow? Don’t you? So this is a very important question, too, in a sense differentiate between interconnected with another person and disconnected.
And who are you? Because when you pass away all the things you’d say, who am I am the father on the brother, on the sister, the ID down to the partner, them, the, whatever those things evaporate within two months.
And what’s left is the love you gave. And the love you gave comes from a certain place. And the, who am I provokes you to question what you are with disconnected from the things you may be Hanging on to as a definition of self, the last question, where did I come from now?
I find this the most important, and this is limit this question limits. The other three. I like to think of where, where you come from as a, being a PowerPoint.
And it’s got two plugs where you plug in your PowerPoint into a world wall socket, and the wall socket is like electric electricity.
It comes from the universe and you’ve got a plug and you plug it in. It’s called mum and dad and everything you judge in your mum and dad and everything that makes you afraid to unconditionally love those two people and anything you judging them.
You’re judging yourself and everything. You’re judging yourself, limits the answer to the question. Why am I here? Who am I, and where am I going?
And so you can’t go further into the future than the past and your judgments and your what you’re hanging on to what you’re blocked.
And so there’s a lot of, lot of connection between doing some personal stuff, working on yourself doing some people, some people might call therapy, but it’s just doing a discount form on the judgment.
You have to release you to do more and more into the future. So I hope you enjoy this today. And that’s going to be your vision.
Chris’ work for tonight. Bye for now.

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